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9 Tips for the Casual Gold Maker

Written by Beren

Hi my name is Beren, I have been playing guild wars 1 and 2 for years. I am not a hardcore economy player but i do have a few things i do every time i log in and it makes gold every time. So i want to share how i play how and make money without flipping 1000's of items each day. When i play most of my time is split between world vs world or the latest events, that leaves me little time to go about farming, flipping or indeed doing the research needed to speculate. So with that in mind; below i will cover the few things i do and how i get good results

Tips for making gold for the casual player.
  1. Every causal player should have cooking as a crafting skill, the other skill does not matter. Cooking is the cheapest to level (also fastest) and has the most consistent money making items.
  2. If you are leveling salvage most of the loots you get along the way, some items like linen and cotton are worth loads.
  3. If you at lvl 60+ keep the green items you get. This is important if you karma train in EOTM or in zones and fill up fast. Use them in the mystic forge for the chance to get rares. (avg sell price for greens is 2-3 silver each, average price for a rare is 35-40 silvers with some items like great swords going for 60-80 silvers) i try to keep greatswords, bows,staves rifles etc.  
  4. Do the hearts that give you access to karma produce in bulk (lemons, peaches, black beans etc) more on this latter.
  5. Find a few items that sell quickly for a good profit and make them when you can and sell on the weekends. (hint mango pies)
  6. Place buy orders through the week and sell orders before the weekend.
  7. use your badges,karma and skill points to make money when you can.
  8. some vendor cooking items can be bought of the TP cheaper than from the vendor (starch etc)
  9. Use http://gw2profit.aws.af.cm/ to find items that you can craft and sell to buy orders.

Here some further detail of some of the things above. 
Cooking is faster to level and it is very cheap compared to the other skills. It also has some of the highest turn over in terms of items on the TP. With the hearts it allows you some of the best karma to gold ratios in the game. (look here : Normal Guides: Cooking - Top 5 Hearts - Guild War 2 Crafting Guide )

There is a lot of ways to turn karma, badges and skill points into gold, they require some maths but a simple one is : Use your badges to get arrow cart blueprints, then use your skillpoints to turn  them into superior arrow carts. this is quick, easy and makes you money every time.  Other ways to make gold with karma and skillpoints include, buy karma items and combine in the MF and salvage. 

You can also look at making lodestones with skill points and cores however this requires a reasonable amount of investment to do in large enough numbers. It also requires lots of clicking.

Let me know your thoughts,



  1. beren said...:

    Bah i should of proofed it, sorry for the terrible grammar and spelling.

  1. Verrm said...:

    Good tips, but the app in http://gw2profit.aws.af.cm/ does not work.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Same as above, link doesn't work. :) Thanks for the tips though.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It literary went down as the article was posted. I guess the next best way to do it is to use gw2spidy to find new crafting items. but remember it uses sell price to calulate costs/profit.

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