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[Personal Post] Help Get Fright Light onto Steam

Hi everyone, if you'd like to skip this person post you can go to the latest GW2 article Candy Corn Profit.

I created a game recently called Fright Light. As you can see by the video below (WARNING: CONTAINS CURSING), it's a somewhat scary first person game. If I can get enough votes on Steam then it will be available for PC users to purchase. At the moment it's available on XBOX 360 and there is a PC demo available under the announcements on the Fright Light Steam Page.

Making games is my one true passion, and I think having a game creator's mindset is what led me to discovering so many successful tricks and strategies in Guild Wars 2. Please help me make that passion a reality by getting Fright Light "Greenlit"!

Here's the video but, let me warn you again, there is cursing in here so please only view if you're OK with scared people yelling curses at their TV's!


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