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Solo 5 Gold Per Hour

Written by Draco.

To do this, head over to Lornar's Pass and run the map to get all the gatherings. This is a 25-40 level map. Between the random loot drops and the gatherings, you should net about 5 gold an hour.
The key to this is are the gatherings. These are mostly Fir Trees that yield Hard Wood Logs and Platinum Ore nodes.  You should also gather the various Herbs and Taproots that add some decent value to your yield as well. Personally I would pass on the Scallions that give Green Onions and the Mushrooms. Both have little value at this time.

You will run into some trash mobs that can drop salvageable trophies that give you Linen & Cotton Scraps as well as standard loot that you can salvage as well.

Add some Magic Find and Gathering boosts you can increase your yield as well.

Running Lornar's Pass you will run into a few events that you can take advantage of as well as Crested Raptors.

I understand there are other ways to make 5+ gold an hour running Dungeons, or certain Map Trains. But for a change of pace, or if your characters aren't ready for either of those, this is a fun alternative. If you haven't been there since your World Completion many moons ago, head on back there to make some decent gold and have some fun.

Helping out a few lower level players won't hurt any either, and I'm sure they would appreciate it as well.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Are you sure about this? To my recollection, the wood and metal gathering nodes in Lornar's Pass only provide Soft and Seasoned Wood, and Iron, Silver and occasionally Gold Ore. No Platinum or Hard Wood unless you go onwards into the higher level areas like Bloodtide Coast and Timberline Falls.

  1. Draco said...:

    I have to say, when I first looked at your comment, I was appalled that you claim I was wrong. As I started to write a "I know better then you" letter, I decided to double check my notes and noticed something: When I mess up, I mess up big! I am human and I make mistakes. You are absolutely correct.
    Here is what i was mistaken on:
    Due to the high quantities of loot and various loot bags I opened i did mistaken that the nodes were and confused the drops
    1- It is Iron Nodes, not Platinum. There are also Silver and Gold nodes, that i knew, Silver Nodes are worthless and the Gold Nodes aren't much better.
    2-Your right again on the wood logs, you will receive Soft Wood from the Snow Cherry Saplings and Seasoned Wood from the Fir Saplings.

    I received a ton of Platinum and Hard Wood from the loot bags and salvage and therefor confused the quantities with the Nodes & Trees that were gathered.
    Though, I was not incorrect on the amount of money I made during my trial run.
    It's still a great place to run like i mentioned and great loot for lower level characters.

    Thank you for bringing to my attention (as well as everyone that reads this blog) the mistake I made. I apologize for these mistakes and I will double check my future notes and my writings.

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