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Ugly Profits

Written by Draco.

I mentioned in my Halloween Post to start buying the Ugly's:
- Ugly Wool Socks
- Ugly Wool Hats
- Ugly Wool Sweaters

Now let me introduce you to the Gifts of Wintersday:
- Small Wintersday Gift
- Medium Wintersday Gift
- Large Wintersday Gift

If ANET does what they did during Halloween, and just regurgitate last years event, then these items are going to make anyone who buys in now, a lot of gold!
Here is how your going to profit if you follow these simple steps.

Last year you can exchange:
- 8 socks for a small gift, 10 socks for a medium gift or 12 socks for a large gift.
- 5 Hats for a small gift, 8 hats for a medium gift or 10 hats for a large gift.
- 3 sweaters for a small gift, 6 sweaters for a medium gift or 8 sweaters for a large gift.

Doing some simple math you will see for example if you buy 8 socks for 33 copper each that comes out to 2.64 silver. The current bid for the small gift is currently over 4 silver! The offer is close to 6 silver!

If you work out the costs of each socks, hats and sweaters, and compare them to the value of the small, medium and large Wintersday gifts, you will see that the Ugly's are greatly undervalued right now.
I would buy as many of the Ugly's you can afford and hold them till Wintersday starts and then convert your Ugly's into the gifts that give you the best profit. I am projecting making 3-4 times my gold investment.

Last year the small gift went to about 10 silver, the medium gifts went to about 12.5 silver, and the large went to about 70 silver per!

Do the math, just don't take too long, you might miss out on the better prices of the Ugly's!

Good Luck and happy Holidays.


  1. I made a simple calculator for this: http://wintersday.nightzirch.net/

    Hope you find it useful

  1. Thanatos said...:

    Be careful, because the price of gifts will drop when the events begin (as soon as you can convert your ugly things to gifts). I don't anticipate you will do that much of a benefit. I fear you will end up losing money instead.

  1. Draco said...:

    I agree Thanatos (Didn't Play Eve did you?) It will be a fast swap and dump unless ANET puts something desirable in the gift boxes to keep them at a decent price like they did with the Trick-or-Treat bags. All speculation of course. Other then that, the Ugly's did move up real nice before the patch last year as well. One option is to sell the Ugly's straight up before the patch at a premium. If last year is any indication of where these can go, there is still the potential of almost doubling your investment.
    If you haven't already bought in, please do some research and look for yourself like any investment. Do your homework before you jump into any investment.
    Good Luck all, lets hope we all make a few coins on this.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    With the ways Ugly Socks went up, I'd already be making an alright profit (~25g from 100 stacks) so I might consider selling them before Wintersday. However it's very unlike Anet to recycle an event without adding a new reward, (from what I gathered last Wintersday got the Grenth and Dwanya Recipes, Halloween got the necklaces and new minis, so I'm quite confident they'll add something again this year) I might just hold on to them and convert them if I'm around during the patch. Oh the choices,

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm not mad but it seems this tip is a bust. Ugly socks have dropped after the patch and giant gifts aren't profitable. Please tell me I am missing something. The rewards are not appealing either.
    Now I'm stuck with 12K ugly socks.
    Damnit Jim.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    you shouldnt have bought socks, you should have invested in ugly sweaters, which rose from 96 copper to 6 silver, i bought 5,500 sweaters for about 30-40 gold and made over 120 gold profit

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Well, it's simple. Markco is publishing his articles once the opportunity is almost over and not that profitable anymore. I have been following them for a while, but it's just not worth it, if you want to make money, it's best to make it on your own

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Same, i was away right at the time the came and came back too late. thinking of turning them into gifts just to reduce clutter

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