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Cheapest Magic Find Method: 7 Silver Per 86 Luck


EDIT: My apologies, the title originally read 7 Silver Per 86 Magic Find instead of Luck. I hope that didn't confuse anyone.

The following strategy has been a secret on my forums since October of last year. With the release of Escape From Lion's Arch and changes to related markets, I've decided that it's OK to share this information with everyone on the blog. Please note that there will likely be a temporary spike in prices (and loss in profitability) to some degree due to this public announcement.

If you want to pay gold to get magic find in an effective way, then this method is for you.

For a small loss (based on current trading post prices), you can get approximately 1228 Luck per gold spent. Your mileage may (and really will) vary, as the rate of Luck per ectoplasm is incredibly varied. You always get something, so I guess the minimum would be around 30 per glob of ectoplasm with the maximum being 200. Watch this video on how to turn globs of ectoplasm into essences of luck and piles of crystalline dust. Turns out that you get around 1.5 piles of crystalline dust per glob of ectoplasm, so use that in determining whether this method will work for you (prices change over time and you might be reading this late).

Now, if I were to farm up 100 pieces of loot and salvage them, I'd get back at most maybe 1,000 luck. Instead, I can sell the items for about 2 silver each and then get back as much as 2,500 luck using this method.

Here's the video with more details...

If you're a forum member, you can see another way to sell the piles of crystalline dust to break even or maybe make a slight profit.

Return of Silk Scraps


Silk scraps used to sell for one copper more than their vendor value. I told everyone to buy them (along with thick leather sections) because they were a high end tier item that ArenaNet would focus on "fixing" in the near future. Then they shot up to 2 silver in less than a month's time.

This all occurred prior to the Escape from Lion's Arch event, which had a huge influx of silk scraps thanks to salvaging the various high level items you get from LA. A single game could easily net you 30 silk scraps, and you're encouraged to play it many times over. So this has led to a dip in the price of silk scraps; specifically to 1 silver each.

I've been telling members of the forum to buy silk scraps for weeks now (as low as 1 silver each), and just recently they started their slow return to the 2 silver mark. If you can grab silk scraps for under 1 silver 50 copper then you know that you'll be able to make 10 copper selling back at the 2 silver mark.

If you get silk scraps from salvaging then please please please do not sell them just yet. Hang on to silk scraps for a much bigger pay off at a later date. Keep in mind that they may dip again throughout the event, but rest assured that afterwards they will rise again.

Cheapest Ways to Increase Bag and Bank Space


Should you buy bank tabs or additional bags on your character? What is the best way to increase bag space on your account? Are some methods cheaper than others? I have good news for you; it's time to optimize your bank and bag space!

Look at these two screenshots. What's crazy is that they were taken literally 10 seconds apart. Use your mouse scroll on your silver amount to test out how much you actually need to spend to get 400 or 600 gems. Sometimes there is a big gap even when the amount you're receiving is the same! For example, I could go up to 34 gold 25 silver and still be getting 400 gems. So by scrolling down to 19 silver I got the same number of gems for 5 less silver! Anet, you so sneaky ;).

Now, in terms of optimization, it costs 400 gems to open a character's bag slot or 600 gems to open a bank slot. In terms of gold that is currently around 34 gold for 400 gems and  51 gold for 600 gems. A bank tab is also 30 item slots while a character bag slot is going to be the size of your purchased bag (maximum is 20). Since gossamer bags (20 slots) are selling for 12 gold and silk bags (18 slots) are selling for 3 gold, I definitely would take the silk ones.

So, in comparison, it costs 37 gold for 18 slots on a character and 51 gold for 30 slots in a bank. My analysis here is that you should get enough character bags that you have 50-100 slots and then put the rest of your gold into your bank tabs.

But wait... there's more... 18 Slot Thick Leather Packs can be much cheaper so look into both options!

Buy Immediately: Rutabagas, Onions, Carrots, Garlic, Eggs


A host of cooking materials are falling like rocks because nobody needs food right now. Thanks in part to the scarlet buff that we all have in excess, and everyone working on other disciplines to get their back pieces, not many cooks are doing their thing right now. It's a matter of supply and demand, so when there's no demand and plenty of supply the price will drop.

I strongly encourage the purchasing of every cooking ingredient you see below its normal value. In particular...

Rutabagas, Onions, Carrots, Garlic, and Eggs.

Also... Grapes. People seem to think that the next Lion's Arch update will involve them. When word got out I told everyone on my email list and within a few hours the price had QUADRUPLED. There's no guarantee, but we're expecting "wine" to be part of a new recipe. Grapes make wine... so yeah there's a small chance they will be worth a ridiculous amount since there aren't many in the game right now. I have my doubts, but it's worth a little speculation.

7 More Gold Tips for Escape from Lion's Arch


A LOT of people visited this blog for the first time last week due to the magic of Google and fueled by a need for more Escape from Loin's Arch gold making tips. Now that I have your attention, and hopefully you are visiting on a regular basis, I would like to bring up some points on playing the Trading Post during these big events that many are unfamiliar with.

1. During big events like Escape from Lion's Arch, but really any time you sell items, make sure that you are selling for 1 copper less than the lowest sell listing. Items are in high demand, so there's no reason to sell at the buy order amount for most things. See the 250 Item Buffer rule for more ideas as well as the Damn Gold Guide.

2. Pay attention to the prices of items during events because these big changes are often temporary. I expect that silk scraps will make an awesome come back after Escape from Lion's Arch is over with it's plethora of salvageable loot, but items like iron ore will fall sharply once nobody needs iron ingots for their blades.

3. Turn your lost belongings into sprockets for maximum profit. I was making around 75 silver per 100 sprockets. In comparison that's only 20 silver in toxic spore samples and approximately 40 silver in zhaittafy or candy corn. Sprockets are the way to go, and you better act fast because they were 90 silver the day before I turned in mine for 75.

4. Use the scrolls of knowledge to help complete your monthly leveling achievements.

5. Put your skill points to good use and make some gold with them! You can use the forum strategies here and here for more ideas on the best ways to do that. To gain mystic forge access I highly recommend using the mysts pvp area because it's fast and free.

6. Understand how your event works and you'll get a lot more out of it. Saving civilians is a big deal in Escape from Lion's Arch. Getting to 600 will net you like 3 special bags and 15 alliance supply bags. You can't just encourage or res them either, you need to make sure they get home safely. What I like to do is figure out where civilians are along the routes of various defends and escort quests, so I can run away to get them in between fights. You should never be sitting around waiting for events to start!

7. Warp to the Wurm Queen and Berserker bosses. There are waypoints near the bosses, so use them to your advantage! Each boss will give you an epic bag of loot, so it's unwise to pass up on such an opportunity. Watch my video on how to dodge the berserker boss attacks (first tip on it) and other tips for getting gold completion on escort quests.

PS: Yesterday I sent out an email with my latest call for speculating on the LA event. I also talked about an item that's going to explode after all the LA events have concluded. Be sure to subscribe on the right side of the screen so I can email you these tips! There will be more as things heat up with this patch!

Why Thick Leather Sections are Rising So Much


Certain leather items are really rising in price, and it took me until this morning to figure out why. I was reading notes on how to upgrade my spinal blades to a tempered version and saw that you need 500 Tailoring, Leatherworking, or Armorsmithing to create them. Ah-hah! Light bulb moment! People who aren't 500 in those categories are buying up items in order to speed level and craft their tempered spinal blades.

Expect these prices not to last after the Escape From Lion's Arch event is over, as everyone who wants to be 500 in those disciplines will already have reached their goals by then. But if you stockpiled them back when I told you to months ago... this will be a nice little profit for you! I expect them to get to 12-15 copper each.

Anytime ArenaNet sees a high end material that is selling for vendor cost you can expect that they will do something to increase its value. Same thing happened with silk scraps around the same time I recommended buying up those and thick leather sections (though the silk definitely didn't increase during this event!).

Another tip for playing Lion's Arch since this post is pretty short: Salvage your light fine and masterwork items but sell to the vendor your heavy and medium stuff. If you need magic find more than gold, I would also advise salvaging everything even though you'll only make about a 3rd of the money you would selling to the vendor.

Finally, a quick question: are you working on your back piece? Looks like it is going to take a lot to get to the tempered version, and sadly for me I can't just buy everything. Oh well, at least I am really having fun playing escape from lion's arch!

Escape from Lion's Arch Helpful Tips


Here is a video I made with several awesome tips for being more successful at the Escape From Lion's Arch event.

You'll know when to salvage and sell your drops, die less from the berserker boss, gain more skill points, get gold on the escort events, and probably get more loot thanks to the tip at the end! Enjoy and good luck,


Sprockets, Candy Corn, Zhaitaffy and Pristine Toxic Spore Samples


These four seemingly unrelated items can be bought for lost belongings during the Escape from Lion's Arch event. Perhaps these are the four colors to be used in ascended gear associated with this patch?

How do I know there is a good chance of this? A picture is worth a thousand words...

I'm investing 25 gold into each of the four markets, hoping for big profits since everyone else is just selling theirs off. It's funny, everyone saw the ability to get Sprockets, Zhaitaffy, Candy Corn, and Pristine Toxic Spore Samples, and instead of thinking clearly, they all panicked. You watch, these four items will play a very important role soon enough. I have to assume that we will be able to upgrade our backpieces and/or maybe create new items with the blades that we pick up in Escape from Lion's Arch.

EDIT: Within 24 hours every item I suggested investing in has gone up nearly double in price except for the spores.

In the mean time, invest with some confidence that these four items will likely prove valuable within a month's time. Also, keep playing the Escape from Lion's Arch event so that you have a ton of blade shards when the time comes to start using the new recipes. It's funny but I just got done a game where someone was talking in Map chat about how there was no point to keep doing the event once you had the achievement. He or she couldn't be more wrong! Also, Also... I have a hunch that thick leather sections, orichalcum ore, rugged leather section (up to 3 silver now!) and gossamer scraps will soon see a price increase from upcoming events. It's just a hunch so don't go crazy investing in those.

Just remember that this event is creating a huge increase in supply for many markets (especially silk scraps) as well as demand in others (iron and copper ore), so don't expect prices to remain the same after this series of events are over.

Anyone else think that the new Spinal Blades Backpiece feels like something out of Starcraft 2: Broodwar?

6 Ways to Make Gold While Lion's Arch Burns


1. Salvage chain mail gear (along with other salvage-able items) that you get from buy orders into iron and copper ore. Easy money!

2. Play the Escape from Lion's Arch event as often as possible. It should start about 5 minutes after every hour and lasts around 50 minutes. You'll be done each time with a little room to sell your items before the next event starts.

3. Use your currency items to buy additional merchandise to sell. You can exchange your items for goods at any of the camps surrounding Lion's Arch.

4. Use the Mystic Forge by going to PvP (click the swords icon) and then selecting Enter the Mysts. You'll see the Mystic Forge to your right on the map.

5. Tomorrow I'm announcing several items that I am investing in heavily because I have a good feeling that they will play a big role in this event's future... You can see it now on the forum here.

6. As soon as this event comes to an end, you'll want to buy up every item that dropped in price due to the huge influx of loot... items like silk scraps come to mind.

Winners and Losers for Escape from Lion's Arch


Due to a certain back piece (spinal blades I believe?), iron and copper ore went up in value. Platinum did as well but I'm not sure why yet.

Iron Ore - up to 3 silver. Remember my doubling down on ores post?
Copper Ore - up to 1 silver. Remember my copper ore will rise again post?

If you followed my advice a few days ago to stockpile ore, then you reaped the rewards today. I made 7 gold per stack of iron ore!

Silver, mithril and gold are worth purchasing at the moment for the Jewelcrafting patch. Their prices are all down considerably.

Silk and linen are falling in price along with a few other items. I suspect that the huge influx of crafting materials and salvageable armor from the escape from lion's arch event will lead to dropping prices all around. This is a great buying opportunity, so don't panic by selling off your inventories.

At the moment, you might want to consider mining iron ore. Better yet, you might want to consider salvaging for iron ore... but by the time you read this that has probably been over exploited. I'll be in the escape from lion's arch event as much as possible because of the sheer volume of items that drop. Anyone with decent aoe can really benefit from so much zerging and tagging lots of mobs at once for looting later.

There's a lot going on right now with a lot of pieces in the economy shifting. Stay focused and keep paying attention to what's going on around you. Remember how the various aspects fit together, like what salvages into what and how the mystic forge might benefit you at this time.

Escape from Lion's Arch: Buy Black Lion Chests Immediately


EDIT: For the escape from lion's arch event, I highly recommend purchasing "Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies" from the trading post. For just 13 copper you get +10 % damage against and -10% damage from Scarlet armies, as well as +15% experience. I got one event in after I wrote this post and I was absolutely right about getting a lot of crafting materials and high level items! A single run netted me almost 60 alliance supply bags though... so the advice I gave on black lion chests may take additional ArenaNet changes to improve the price.

I just saw this patch note about Escape from Lion's Arch and had to make a post right away:

  1. For a limited time, every chest also contains a guaranteed stack of 5 Bags of Alliance Supplies.
  2. There is now a rare chance to get a Mini Marjory Delaqua or Mini Mai Trin from the chest.
  3. Players should stop by the Gem Store to pick up their free sample of an Experience Booster, a Revive Orb, and a Crafting Booster!
Buy Black Lion Chests immediately! On the trading post right now there are a little under 7 million chests going for 3 copper each and buy orders of 1 copper. Even a poor person could invest in hundreds of Black Lion Chests without breaking a sweat. This event might not break the 7 million barrier but it's always possible. Worst case scenario you lose a small amount sell to the buy orders.

I truly believe that ArenaNet does not want to see their beloved Black Lion Chest sitting at 3 copper. They want it back in the 20-30 copper range I'm sure, and you can expect every patch moving forward to raise the value. Why not invest now while it's dirt cheap?

Other than the chests, I didn't see much to work with in this patch. What I did see is a lot of champion bags will be rewarded and players will be killing quite a few enemies for completing the escape from lion's arch quests. Expect the price of crafting materials to actually drop a bit if Arena Net provides no incentive to use all the newly acquired loot (come on level 500 jewelcrafting patch!). There may even be some less common materials made very cheap, like what happened with the karka shells. Remember how those plummeted but then came roaring back after the last open world event?

Keep your ear to the ground, enjoy the new quest lines, and most importantly, keep coming back to this site, forum, and newsletter for updates. I'll have more for you tomorrow evening after I get some game time in. Been crazy on my end with the Diablo 3 expansion looming, GW2 escape from lion's arch, and now State of Decay Lifeline announced. I'm a busy gamer!

Good Luck and Have Fun,


Legendary Precursors and Flipping the Mystic Forge


You can make a lot of gold from people who chase after their legendaries. I'm not going to give you every answer in this post, nor another riddle like before. However, I will give you the guidelines that led me to one of the easiest markets to flip for big profits.

For someone creating a legendary precursor using the Mystic Forge, they have a few methods for doing so.

1. 1 Level 60 rare weapon plus 3 rare level 80 weapons.
2. 3 Level 75 rare armor plus 1 level 75 rare weapon.
3. 4 Level 80 Exotics
4. Basically... any combination that averages at or above level 75 will have a chance at a legendary precursor. You have to include a weapon in there I believe as well.

If you use four of the same item types (like four daggers) then you will always get a dagger back... whether it's the precursor, rare, or exotic.

This strategy for creating precursors has kept the market fairly stable and lucrative. What's more, all level 60, level 75, and level 80 weapons/armor have remained profitable to flip. From what I've seen, however, your best bet is to focus on one of these markets in particular, and that's what I'm not going to reveal in this post. However, I will tell you how the strategy works for making the flip, so it can be applied to all the markets until you find the one that works best.

Step 1: Put in your search criteria so that you only see the armor/weapon of the right level and quality you want to flip.

Step 2: Sort the items by least to most profitable. Look at the lowest priced buy out that you see (there may be several before this point that do not have sell listings and only buy orders). That is how much you're going to sell for. Be careful, if the price is really low it might be close to that item's buy orders, which means it is way under priced and an easy buy for you.

Let's pretend that the lowest priced item was 30 gold (this is completely fake so as not to give you a hint at the best market!).

Step 3: After identifying the lowest sell listing, multiply by .85 to get your maximum bid price. I use .75 so I can get a 10% profit per flip minimum.

If the price was our pretend 30 gold, then our maximum price range is 22.5 silver (I multipied 30 by .75 to get that).

Step 4: Go through the first few pages of listings and place 1-5 buy orders on each item that at or below your predetermined maximum bid price.

In our example, that would be any item with a buy order I can place at or below 22.5 silver.

Step 5: Play the game and come back much later to see if you won any items.

Step 6: Relist with a 1 copper undercut but only list one of each item at a time. So if you have 7 rare or exotic axes of grawl slaying you'll only want to sell one of those to avoid creating a wall for yourself.

With this method, you should be able to make 10% profit on your investment. So if I put 3 gold in I'll make 30 silver back each time. Considering how quickly you can invest that much gold into this strategy (items are pretty expensive) this is a great way for players with a lot of gold to get something back for it.

While you aren't making the crazy 30%-50% back that you can with niche crafting markets, you can make a larger amount despite only getting 10% per sale.

I have a terrific strategy in the forums here for finding and exploiting niche crafting markets.

Best Way to Turn Kharma into Gold


While leveling I tend to get a lot of extra Kharma, especially from all those hearts and quests! What I do to make guaranteed gold (~1.2 Gold per 10k Kharma) from this currency can be summed up in a few screenshots...

1. Head to Sorrowful Waypoint in Bloodtide Coast.

2. Next, buy some Cloth Crab Grabbin' Gloves for 266 Kharam each.

3. Combine just these items into the mystic forge. Be careful not to combine any others that get created from this method.

4. Salvage the items that you receive for some easy linen. You can get cotton as well, which sells for about half the cost of linen. Also, there is a rare chance of getting items which you cannot salvage. Just combine those again to get a higher level item or vendor them.

You'll get a lot of essences of luck from doing this as well as make a profit. It's a win win!

I let blog subscribers and forum members know this trick well in advance of posting it here.

How to Get Wool Scraps by Salvaging


Here's a video on how I make gold salvaging for wool scraps. Very basic but works across the board for numerous other scraps in the game. Also be aware that mystic forging lower level armor so that it's higher than 15 is an alternate method for obtaining the same items I am salvaging in this video.

Answer to Markco's Riddle


A great question came up with regards to where I hide my money. I'll be happy to answer this and a few other questions regarding my riddle.

"But what's the point of doing this and putting money into XXXXX, when it can just sit in ur inventory or bank? I guess I'm just not understanding why."
The why is simple: If I'm not going to spend the money anyway, why not allow it to accrue interest? It's like putting money into a real bank for a long time instead of just under your mattress. That's exactly what I did by investing in the riddle's market.

Before I give the answer away, let me mention a few great guesses that were incorrect:

  • Gems - Incorrect because of "250 Item." I know I said "colorful gem," but that was a red herring.
  • Ruby Orbs - Incorrect because they aren't "Basic."
  • Glob of Ectoplasm - Can't be a crafting material.
  • Giant Earballs of the Dragon (lol good one)
  • Heavy Moldy Bag - Good try, but moldy bags haven't had new "uses," aka results for opening, added to them.
  • Bottle of Elonian Wine - The best incorrect guess by far, which is why I made the "Trouble Identifying It" line to distinguish this from the real answer.

Here is the solution to the riddle:

  1. Most of my investment eggs are in this glorious 250 item basket.
  2. You might consider my strategy too basic but I think it shows a trust in GW2's long term growth.
  3. While you may have trouble identifying it, this item has ridden every major "storm" in the economy and hides in plain sight.
  4. The item itself has remained unchanged since the game came out, but the uses have been expanded upon several times.
  5. These non-crafting materials are worth more than 5 but less than 50 silver.
  6. When the game first came out, this colorful gem was approximately 1 silver.
  7. What is my secret item that I've invested in since the game first came out?
The item is unidentified dyes. While technically a "crafting material" to some (it's used in two recipes), it's really a container. Over time I've accrued quite a collection of these, to the point now that they are worth thousands of gold. I have no idea how much I've earned from "interest" ie growth in the market, but it sure beats letting the gold sit and do nothing.

As one commenter mentioned:

"Unid dyes are not exempt from a price crash though. Remember last year when the drop rate was accidentally buffed massively? The price dropped really low before Anet nerfed the rate back to normal and the market corrected itself. I made a lot of gold from that incident, buying hundreds of unids for 2s each and selling for 10s the very next day. It's unlikely that this will happen again, but it was a mistake last time, who can say with 100% certainty that it wouldn't happen again."
The key answer to why I say it has ridden various economic storms is due to the fact that Anet wants dyes to remain expensive. They know that it's a gold sink which gets heavier the more dyes they add to it, so if the price unintentionally drops again, you can expect that Anet not sit idly by. So instead of reading the above quote and getting anxious, you should feel confident in the long term stability of this market.

Are these dyes a good investment now? Probably, but not short term and not for people who lack gold. They need to go up a good 5 silver to make you anything, and that could take some time. If you're looking for other investments but don't have tons of gold, try simple things like copper ore. I often buy when it drops to the 30ish copper margin and sell as it approaches 60. Takes weeks sometimes but always a big profit for little investment

PS: I have no intention of selling my dyes. The purpose of having my gold as dyes is to accrue interest. There's no point in looking at a pile of gold that's not getting used, and I find it difficult to safely invest thousands... no even hundreds of gold reliably on the trading post. It becomes too much to keep track of for one person. I'd rather focus on a few markets at a time to research for you guys then go crazy tracking hundreds of markets. Hence the need for stockpiling the unidentified dyes.

Copper Ore Will Rise Again


Right now is a great time to buy copper ore... and probably next month as well. I want you to do a little experiment with me called dollar cost averaging. It will teach you how to speculate long term on an item with the basics behind the greatest way to grow your 401k in real life!

Every single day, I want you to purchase 250 copper ore with a buy order that is 1 copper higher than the highest order. If you notice that there are fewer than 500 copper being sold at the highest price, then consider going a little lower to the next "wall" in the price listing.

For example, if I see copper at 31 copper for 100 orders and 29 copper for 5200 orders, I'm going to price at 30 copper instead of 32.

With each passing day, you're going to see copper ore going up and down a little bit but you will continue to buy one stack of 250 each time. Then, as prices rise (and they will once anyone younger than 23 goes on summer vacation or the Jewelcrafter patch, whichever comes first) then you're job will be to decide when to stop buying and start selling.

However, you're only going to sell 250 at a time, no more than three times per day. That way you'll take full advantage of the gradual rise in price without risking too much profit loss selling too early.

The entire purpose of this experiment is to mitigate risk over time both on the selling and buying end of things. Give it a try, and in the summer I'll be sure to sell next to you ;)

PS: The answer to my investment riddle will come tomorrow.

PPS: If you're new to this blog... please start getting caught up with posts like the Damn Gold Guide.

Making 100 Gold Per Day? Is it Possible?


"Hi Markco,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your Gw2 blog. I found it some months ago and I've learned a lot from it. Before, the best I managed to get from the TP were 8-10 gold per week with some low profit flip, now my calc spreadsheet say I earn 90-100 gold per week.
Of course there is still a lot I have to learn, I also need to diversify more since I sell only 3 or 4 type of items.

But let's look at my question: I read on different websites about people that state they can have a profit of 100 gold each day. They said the most important thing is the quantity: the more you sell, the more you'll earn.
But is this really a good thing? Despite the time it requires, is investing hundreds of golds each day really a good idea or the risk is too high? I currently put on the tp something like 50 gold each day.

Well, I'm definitely satisfied with my current income, but I like challanges. If someone can gain more than me, I want to do it too. But I also think that recklessly investing a lot of money just because I want more is a little hasty.

I'm not sure if my question is clear, unfortunately I'm not that good with english xD.
But well, thanks for reading my email and again, thanks for your work, I think it can be really useful not only in Gw2, but in our everyday life too. At least for me.

Best Regards,

Our names are confusingly similar... haha people are going to do a double take thinking that I wrote this to myself. You're great with English, and I always crack up at how non-native English speakers appear to have a better grasp of the language than the people they speak to.

Making that much gold every day is not guaranteed. You can farm a decent amount of gold while playing the trading post, but even then 100 gold a day is really lucky. Time invested isn't everything, as you need people to actually want and purchase the items you provide while hoping not to run into too much competition for these products. Crafting can make you a decent income, but it's a lot of time even after you set up some decent spreadsheets to help do your calculations as well as make use of various online tools.

You also need to acquire the goods you're hoping to sell, which isn't always guaranteed either. I wouldn't trust someone who says they make 100 gold every day. I would, however, trust someone who gives you a range of gold per day, like 25-75 which is what I try to aim for usually. I know I'll have ups and downs, but even on bad days I can pull in about 25 gold. Some days I only buy, other days I only sell, but the average is up there.

Try not to look at everything in terms of how much gold you make per day. Think instead of how much you make per investment. For example, ask yourself what % return you getting in a reasonable amount of time flipping dyes versus sigils. Is it worth it to do both? Perhaps one is so much better that it makes the other a waste of your time? I also try to break people of following the idea that they will log in to buy and then log in an hour later to sell. What I do is log in and review prices before deciding whether I will buy more or sell some (not usually all) of my stockpile for an item.

There's a lot of buyers and sellers in GW2 with millions of players, so there's plenty of room for you to make that 50-100 gold per day. Just take your time getting there and work on the diversification as well as better buying practices. Monitor prices like a hawk and you'll notice distinct highs/lows for various items. Play the long term speculations with your extra cash, but focus hard on your day to day activities for making gold.

One last point... some people try to sell and buy more of something in order to make more gold, but that doesn't always work. The bigger your buy and sell orders, the more competition you bring into your market. Better to keep things modest and spread yourself out then to attract the other sharks.

Can You Guess Where Markco Hides His Gold?


Solve my riddle and you'll understand why you've never seen one of my youtube videos with more than 100 gold at a time. I'm actually hoarding my gold in a much safer "currency" if you will in the form of an investment. After two years I think it's time to reveal my secret, sort of! Here are some clues mixed in with the description of how I do this...and I purposefully threw in some bad hints to throw you off. Enjoy ;)

  1. Most of my investment eggs are in this glorious 250 item basket.
  2. You might consider my strategy too basic but I think it shows a trust in GW2's long term growth.
  3. While you may have trouble identifying it, this item has ridden every major "storm" in the economy and hides in plain sight.
  4. The item itself has remained unchanged since the game came out, but the uses have been expanded upon several times.
  5. These non-crafting materials are worth more than 5 but less than 50 silver.
  6. When the game first came out, this colorful gem was approximately 1 silver.
  7. What is my secret item that I've invested in since the game first came out?

Where to Farm Cabbage


You can use the waypoint "Wynchona Rally Point" in Harathi Hinterlands and this map below to find approximately 13 cabbage within a secret bandit storage area. That's about 8 silver for a 1 silver waypoint, not to mention all the seasoned logs along the route that are worth another 5 silver.

There are several areas in the game where you can find similar "farms" of vegetables all clustered together for easy picking. If you create a little map for yourself of where they are then you can hop around waypoints every day for some easy gold.

Linen Scrap Salvaging


There are four items you can salvage for massive profits thanks to the currently high price of Linen Scraps.

All of these will drop 1-3 linen scraps along with 1-3 cotton or silk scraps.
Here is a better idea of what they are worth:
Frayed Garment = (2 linen scraps + 2 cotton scraps) / 2
Frayed Rag = (2 linen scraps + 2 cotton scraps) / 2
Torn Garment = (2 linen scraps + 2 silk scraps) / 2
Torn Rag = (2 linen scraps + 2 silk scraps) / 2

Do the math and then place your buy orders for some low risk profits. The more you buy the better your average will be in a profitable range.

For one more "item" you can salvage to get plenty of linen scraps... check out our secret forums.

Doubling Down on Ores


A lot of people jumped off the speculation bandwagon for ore once silver jumped to astronomical heights. Now its price has dropped back down to where it used to be, along with numerous other ores (except orichalcum, which is slowly rising over time). For just a few gold, you could create a little stockpile like the one below comprised of Silver, Platinum, Mithril, and Copper.

I predict that Mithril will rise back up to the 60 copper mark. copper will go up to 70, silver will once again sky rocket with the next round of speculators, and iron ore should eventually get back to the 1 silver 50 copper threshold. Those are the numbers I'll wait for the ores to reach before selling my stockpiles.

The above screenshot cost something like 14 gold with buy outs and around 10 gold with buy orders.
 If you have the money to spare, definitely invest in ores right now. I'm doubling down for the second wave of speculators... will you? All it's going to take is news regarding the jewelcrafting patch and BAM instant profits. Why wait for the day of? Hell, this post alone should cause a flurry of speculation activity!

Insanely Briliant Master of Chaos


I encourage everyone to take 5 minutes to read this post. Yes, it's longer than what I usually write, but the information is quite valuable. On Monday (2/10/2014) I will be "ruining" another awesome strategy. Stay tuned to the blog to find out what it will be!

Let's Begin With an Angry Player

The conversation began with a lengthy email, so I took the liberty of paraphrasing the opening bits of discontent. The sender summed up a lot of legitimate anger at myself for posting great trading post strategies on this blog. I understand this and often I am ruining the "golden goose" that people are using as their sole method for earning gold on the trading post. But therein lies such a person's two greatest flaws... a lack of diversity and a propensity for following!

"Hi Markco,

Referring to your tip on buying heavy crafting mats bags. Ever since you posted that, I has become unprofitable. Same is with every strategy that you publish. You claim, people would leave those markets alone after a while but first, I don’t want to wait a while and second this is not always the case, some markets get ruined by your posts for months or even longer. Yes on very rare occasions you warn the members of the forum but you still ruin those markets for people who discovered them themselves. So here comes my request:

Please, please, please do not recommend buying crafting bags that give linen scraps on your blog!

They are on the way to becoming unprofitable anyways, so leave it alone. This is one of the last comfortable and easy ways to make gold. It takes no brain, it takes very little time, and yes there are a lot of other great strategies but this one is my current favorite and I don’t have so much playtime at hands to fall back to other strategies, like forging minor sigils and runes or low level armor trading. And I am not the only one who feels that way. So please, for the sake of those who are smarter than the stupid sheep who do just anything that you post on your blog:

Please, please, please do not recommend buying crafting bags that give linen scraps on your blog!

I wish you would stop all your activities on your blog, I don’t see the point, the only thing you get is luring people into buying a subscription to your forum, which is nice, because you earn money, and a lot of attention and admiration for your work. But you are inflicting a lot of damage on the economy in doing so.


[I'm going to leave this anonymous as to not embarrass the sender]"
How to Turn This Anger into Positivity

The irony here is amazing. You are basically reading my forums like scripture, and only utilizing the methods found within. Every single strategy you mentioned in your email is covered by the guides within the secret forums. You are accusing blog readers of exactly what you're doing on the forums! Now, please understand, I am not trying to make fun of you, but rather, to open your eyes.

I have good news for you! This is one of steps towards your road to victory. Getting angry about a strategy failing can be used as fuel to finding new, more dynamic methods for earning gold. So many things are connected in this game that when one goes up another goes down. Basically, new opportunities are born every day, and not just from speculation or the mystic forge. Those bags everyone is buying right now? Have you tried flipping them? Working great while there is so much interest in them. With the increase in prices many people are just selling to the buy order while farming, which means yours get filled faster. That's just one obvious example of what happened after my post, but you were stuck in the murky waters of trying to use a now outdated method.

Not Everyone is Mired in Anger

The person below is where you want to be in the coming weeks or months, depending on your play time. Another message was sent by one of your peers on the forums. Check out what she had to say below.

"Hey There Markco,

I thought I would give you an update on how I have been getting on with your advice and in general, well you'll be pleased to know I have made some quite considerable coin in profit now and have also gained some quite important insights and experience. One I think anything that is posted here from your fair hands tends to work for a little while and then begins to become less lucrative as everyone who comes here decides that's what they are going to do.

So I have got smarter, I researched as to why you were picking such markets, and began to experiment and diversify out, I now have several markets and a add three or four each day, generally in smallish amounts while I test them out. I am thinking the TP is going to be an ever changing beast and so need to not carry a glut of all the same stock but lots of quite a few. Then I store em, I have noticed that when you put a large amount on you get undercut, and eventually the price drops too much. So I store in my bank put two or three on, I never seem to get undercut and if it drops too much I just hang onto them.

I also had an excel spreadsheet made, this works out when I enter the cost and sell price of the item, how much the TP Fee's are, gives me profit, and also tells me the absolute rock bottom price I need to sell to break even as well as generally if I salvage whether it will make a profit or a loss. So thank you very much, I am very grateful and even after such a short time I really feel like I am making progress...

At least for a girly girl! *grins*

That's awesome Sarah! I try very hard to convince people to find their own path, but to lean on me for inspiration/advice. That is exactly what you've done and someone new could learn a lot just from reading that paragraph.
  1. Spreadsheet
  2. Sell a wide variety but small amounts
  3. You get undercut a lot when you try to sell too much at once
  4. Find methods similar to mine but not the same
  5. Keep track of methods that worked in the past and go back to them
Thanks so much for the update, and I hope that your words inspire others.

So Why Am I the Insanely Brilliant Master of Chaos?

Out of the chaos that I create with my blog posts and forum guides, players get molded into smarter, better trading post users. They don't realize it at the time, but with a little work and luck they quickly ramp up to beyond my own capabilities. My secret is to change the way they think and because not everyone is ok with that, some quit.

If I were to just list strategies then eventually my guides would be useless. I would make money as the shepherd, but my sheep would never grow up. Instead, I mold people over time to think like I do; To embrace optimization and learning more than blindly running the treadmill that most games consist of. Some people have even come back to me after years of reading my various blogs to inform me that I have changed their real life financial situation. Crazy huh how a little thinking goes a long way?

That's the bigger picture. You come here looking for simple gold tips, and you leave with way more than you bargained for. It's a journey that becomes a way of life.

Good Luck and Have Fun,


Items You Bought for the Wrong Reason


For whatever reason, I've been out of commission all Sunday morning... I can't buy, sell, see buy orders, or even view what I'm currently selling. While waiting for the trading post to work again, I decided to do research on how a few markets I've outlined this past week were performing.

Several bag containers have increased in price by 10%-40% thanks to the Linen Scrap advice. Predictably, fine dyes are also increasing in value from the Time to Dye post. Let's talk about a few lessons to learn from these events, and hopefully you'll make gold next time I reveal such trading post secrets.

First off, read this article on what to do when I reveal one of your cash cows. There's a lot to learn from that piece if you already are trying to profit from a market I discuss publicly on the blog, but you may have also noticed a little tidbit of knowledge regarding what to do if anything I say is completely new to you. Namely, you want to invest in the very item I recommend people try to purchase to then open/salvage/etc.

So for the dye post you would want to invest in fine dyes, only to sell them to anyone trying to manipulate the mystic forge as I showed in that video. With linen scraps, you'd want to buy all the bags that turn into those hoping to also flip to the hungry rich seekers coming from this blog.

I cannot ethically perform such actions, and I haven't for these methods, but there's nothing stopping you from temporarily taking advantage of the situation. Then, as the strategies fade into the background again, you can use my methods to profit with far less competition in the way.

The other lesson you should take away from my "big reveals" is to use my strategies on similar, unannounced markets. That way you learn the method but apply it to new areas of the trading post. I'm teaching you how to think, not just repeat everything I've done ad nausea.

EDIT: After writing this post, a message came up in my game that the trading post was down for maintenance.

Your Risk Free Gold Guide


As I outlined in the above video, the goal here is to make gold every single time you do this. Hence the term "Risk-less Profits." You aren't going to need to figure out the average cost of anything or do heavy mathematics to make a profit. Instead, you're going to buy basic armor with buy orders for less than the ore they always salvage into. It's that easy! Here is a run down of the two strategies I use so that not even the salvage kits cost me anything.

Strategy #1: Salvage Basic, Heavy Armor
  • Guaranteed to give you ore, so determining what price to buy at is easy.
  • Buy orders are required to make this profitable, so you won't always get items to salvage.

Strategy #2: Get Salvage Kits from Containers
  • Bags give 'free' crude salvage kits.
  • Buy orders required so you won't always get containers and then you might get super unlucky with obtaining salvage kits from them.
  • Butter and Jute Scraps easily cover the cost of these containers (see below for name).

How do you combine these strategies?

These two strategies put together are an easy way to make gold. The real secret here, however, is to take my method and discover new ways to use it. Namely, try going for higher level ores besides copper. The trick is to use basic items (white) that have the 'heavy' description. You know that these will always turn into ore, so that makes figuring this strategy out pretty simple! In the video I give the example of level 0-5, basic, and heavy armor for salvaging, but how do I get my salvage kits for free?

Once you identify which items are worth salvaging and placing buy orders on, then you're going to want to find some "free" salvage kits. Obviously nothing is free, but I use Bag of Pinched Goods to obtain salvage kits in addition to earning a profit from the other contents therein. Butter and Jute Scraps are the money makers with everything else being a nice bonus.

Now, you could use this Salvaging List on the forums, or just put the time into finding these methods on your own. That little bit of effort requirement is enough to keep the vast majority of players out of the  market, so I'd like things to remain that way!

What to Do When Tier 6 Markets Explode


Tier 6 items are blowing up like crazy... prices we haven't seen in a very, very long. Could it be the snow days? Bot bans? College players enjoying the game once more? Whatever the reason, now is the best time to take advantage of the advice I gave you in this bag opening post.

Here is a list of the bags that drop tier 5-6 items:

Several of these bags I managed to get a hold of before others caught on. I hope that a few of you were able to do the same! Even now, if you comb through the trading post looking at these bags, you will find some great buy order and even listings to buy outright.

The next strategy I'm looking into is the Mystic Forge. We haven't been able to convert tier 5 to 6 for a profit EVER with the mystic forge, but if prices keep rising maybe we'll make history ;)

Last but not least, it's probably time to farm some Cursed Shore!

White Dye Back to 15 Gold Each


Not too long ago there were a slew of white dyes being sold on the gem store, which in turn caused a temporary glut of White Dyes on the gold side of the Trading Post. As soon as the white dyes disappeared from the gem store, prices went right back up for one of the most popular dyes in the game. If ArenaNet ever decides to have another weekend sale where dyes or other popular items go on sale, please please please make an effort to buy those items on the trading post.

This GW2Spidy White Dye Graph says it all:

The big dip is the weekend when there was a sale on white dyes, and then the inevitable wise is from the gem store closing up its doors. Notice the little blue bars at the bottom that seemed to double in size? Those are the sell listings, which obviously rose during the sale; higher supply, lower demand for the dyes sold with gold currency. Prices still haven't caught up to where they were (around 1 gold shy at the moment) but they'll be back to 15 eventually.

If you bought at 10 when the dye hit its lowest point and sold back at 15, you'd be making 2.75 gold per dye! As an investor, that's a 27.5% return on investment! Not bad for two days of work ;)

For forum members, I just discovered an insane bug for dodging fees. It was emailed to me by a clever soul who has been doing it for many months. This comes in especially handy when you have items to sell from salvaging, looting, or opening containers. It would even work for the white dyes! You would make a lot more than 2.75 gold per dye using this secret.

250 Item Buffer Rule


EDIT: The person who emailed me was "Badaza."

Once you start to master the basics behind profiting on the trading post, particularly the math of undercutting in my Damn Gold Guide, then it's time to optimize your game play. A super simple and easy to duplicate method is the "250 Item Buffer Rule." I didn't come up with this method as it was emailed to me, but for the life of me I cannot find the original email. If you'd like to claim credit in the comments below feel free. Sorry :(

OK, back to the idea though, and it is a brilliant idea. I like it because it's simple yet teaches a valuable lesson: you can sell with more intelligence than just 1 copper less than the cheapest seller.

What you do is take the first 250 items you see listed on the trading post and ignore their prices. This only works for crafting materials and other relatively fast sellers (unlike armor and weapons). Here's an example since it's much easier to show than to explain:

Look at these onyx slivers.

The first 192 items are priced at 3 silver 35 copper. We're going to ignore those. Next we have 4 at 3 silver 40 copper, which brings our total to 196. Again, we ignore these. There are 33 at 3 silver 50 copper, which brings our total being ignored to 229. By the time we get to 250 the price is 3 silver 78 copper.

All I would do now is undercut to 3 silver 77 copper. While it will take a bit for my item to sell, I will make far more than if I were undercutting the cheapest listing. Multiply this by a 100 onyx slivers and I'm earning around 40 silver more than if I sold at 3 silver 35 copper (after fees).

To go from the selling page to the item's individual page on the trading post, you need to open up your inventory ('I' key) and right click to "Buy More at Trading Post". It's clumsy, I know, but the only way.

See if this method will work for you, but be careful! Start small and leave a lot of items in your bank. If you aren't aware of the general prices of items then you might be listing your items at very expensive amounts that the price rarely reaches. A good reference would be Guild Wars 2 Spidy before posting. Odds are you will make enough back with this method to easily cover any mistakes learning it. Thank you to the purpose who suggested this wonderful tip, and please email me again so I can give you credit or respond in the comments!

It's a good habit to get into, checking more than just the lowest seller's price for your item, and it will sometimes reveal amazing deals. Like when someone lists an item for one copper more than the highest buy out price!

My Markets Are Dye-ing


Puns aside, I am very sorry when I ruin 'your' market on the trading post. Everyone has their current cash cow; their go-to market for easy, reliable gold. When that market becomes public, that can be quite aggravating!

Recently I talked about turning fine dyes into masterworks, and how the fine dye results were often quite valuable, so you didn't even have to get masterworks to earn a profit. One commenter summed up their frustration with this:

"Why do you do that to me? I did this every week and like the announcement of this "technique" on another site, some months ago, again your announcement made it practically impossible to do so.

I have to say if i where you, i would make so much gold of these announcements since you practically manipulate the market for a short time... just buying huge amounts of dye, dropping the announcement and reselling them would make you what? Up to 60g instant?"

Allow me to respond in a productive manner, in order to help this person continue making lots of gold with the same strategy.

1. You can still do this method. The key is getting buy orders and being patient. You will also want to cut the time it takes for items to sell by using the highest buy order instead of undercutting the lowest listing. Yes you'll make less, but it will keep you from getting undercut when the strategy is being tried by so many get rich quick schemers at the moment.

2.  This strategy is actually quite new. You say that you saw it months ago, but what you saw was a terribly basic version of this method. Nobody else that I've seen has recommended that you check the value of the non-upgraded results from the forge. They all just say "keep going until you get a bunch of upgraded items". This is a surefire way to lose gold!

3. The point of this post is to show you what's possible... there are far more methods that work thanks to that one little tip about checking the value of the non-upgraded results.

4. I could profit from these kinds of posts, but I choose not to. Besides, the market will stabilize and work in a few weeks. In the mean time, use some of the other forge strategies that have flown under the radar thus far. If you know this one you can find the others!

Once in a while I will let the forum members know about these kinds of posts in advance. They could then choose to buy up the dyes before everyone goes to try this method. In this particular case I did not choose to do this because there wasn't enough room in the profit margins to allow for such manipulation and still work for the vast majority of players trying it out.

I hope you learned from this post and focus your efforts on finding all the other mystic forge strategies that work based on whatever knowledge you gleamed from my video. Sorry for spoiling your cash cow, but my goal is to help you find several more!

The commenter later followed up with this response:

"I was just teasing a bit because of the market overrun now thanks to your post nothing more hehe. Didn't mean any offense.

I really appreciate your work don't get me wrong i have learned quite a few things from it. It just bothered me a bit that i have one market less for a while now and i wanted to rant a bit about it. :D"

Buying Bags When Cloth Rises


When items rise on the trading post, there are often linked markets that take a little longer to catch up with the new prices. One great example of this phenomenon is the rising price of cloth. Linen scraps, in particular, have risen significantly over the past few weeks. What I did to profit from this was not buy Linen Scraps, but instead, the containers that when opened have a good chance of producing the cloth.

On the forums a week ago I outlined exactly which bags I purchase for this purpose, as well as additional strategies branching off from this method. I'm not going to release this information to the general public, but I'd be happy to give you the most important piece of the puzzle... this page on GW2 Wikipedia that outlines what each container can produce when opened.

A little research goes a long way for figuring out which bags have the best chance of earning you a profit. You also have to factor in the amount you lose when you get less than optimal results. Even in the worst case, there is a bag right now that results in top tier items nearly every time. So you'll lose a silver or two when that happens, but then you'll make a lot more when the right items drop.

Create a little spreadsheet for yourself where you list each bag, the results that can happen, and assign an average value to each one. So if a bag has a chance to drop 1-3 linen scraps, count it as 2 scraps and assign a value such as 12 silver to that result. Let's say there are six other items in the bag that can drop, you just have to record those values as well and then figure out your percentage chance of making money from 1 try, 10 tries, 50 tries, etc. Get the math down after collecting the data and it's a real breeze!

More great examples of prices not catching up include but are not limited to:

High level rares that salvage into ectoplasm.
Low level basics that salvage into copper.
Mini pets that you obtain from black lion chests (more complicated).


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