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Mmmm Piece of Candy!


Written by Denny:
Related to trending GW2 event nowadays, we find something are oversupplied like skull chattering, piece of candy corn, nougat center and trick-or-treat bags. The most of my fave between those item is candy corn and bags.

First, Piece of Candy Corn is the most demanded by peoples and more applicable for future outside of the event. The price should be 33-34 bronze at perfect market (this if i count 10g for a 20 slot bag : 3000pcs Candy Corn because this is the main item obtainable beside event). But the market is crazy, used to rosing till 1,5 silver. This happen before the consumeable recipe using Candy Corn release. This might rosing more + with extra inflation of online gaming that always happens (we could say inflation based by gem price at gem store we put it like gold in real life). In short the price of Candy Corn while im writting this is 18-19 bronze bid price. you can bid more lower price like 14- 15 bronze in near future if the supply keep like this and put it your guild stash if u have, if u dont have, build it now to dump 50x250 candy corn. What really annoys me so much, why the price rosing 30-50% right before the event started. So my target price to buy is around 14-16 bronze and dump it till 33 bronze, 1 silver, or back to 1,5s or more cause of inflation. Let say the worst case we bought it at 18 bronze, and we sell it 33 bronze each, with that calculation and fee charged the profit is 10,05 bronze ea and your net margin is 55%. If u might sell way more higher price, well congrats for the profit. So... dont afraid with price keep declining by oversupply, I think it is favorable for us to buying and keeping it and dont sell it in large number after the event to keep us low profile and more hold back the supply. 50 guild stash cost less than 25g if you fulling it with candy corn, low budget gambling to catch a good fortune, might be 100g in not near future.

Second, What I do these days is helping oversupplying bags and keep the other loot in hand while the event. I mostly farming bags. Few of em I open it for AP, mostly I sell it in TP like 5,3s recently, when i sell it first time event started is like 7s. If you lazy enough to farming door and roaming around Labyrinth, you could buy vial of maize balm. This Maize balm could transform an ambient/s to a candy monster with 3 recharge per using and the monster 100% drop a bag (only 1, not more like the real mob in labyrinth). the strategy is you can go to Borderlands SE camp, throw it to some chickens. 1 Throw will hit 2 chicken and there is 6 chicken would be transformed to candy monster (count first before you throw it to the chicks). You will get 6 bag x 5 silver, minus fee, minus cost of balm like 7-9silver and at least 17silver at hand.

Patience Mad King


Article by Jayne:

They say patience is a virtue, and even with the rampant craziness of the Mad King’s Festival, the saying rings true. Chattering Skulls, Nougat Centers and Plastic Fangs are dropping in abundance from the Mad King’s Labyrinth and the influx of Trick-or-Treat bags it gives, cluttering up our inventories and taking up precious bank slots. At first glance from the Trading Post, it might seem like a no-brainer to convert all of those festive materials into their higher-quality equivalents.

Take the festive skulls, for example. Selling a Gibbering Skull for 2 gold in comparison to getting a mere 44 copper for the Chattering variety? Seems like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Stop. Think. Do the maths. Don’t be tempted by what seems like the lure of immediate coin.

The fact is that even at 44 copper, it’s better to sell the 1000 Chattering Skulls it would take to create a Gibbering Skull rather than convert it. Doing that will net you around 4 gold instead, and that’s from selling it in the middle of the Hallowe’en event when the materials are widely available.

After doing a bit of digging on GW2Spidy, it’s even more apparent that holding on to the materials that drop is the better option – even with the dip in prices that comes from people flooding the market after the festival ends, last year they steadily rose again until they averaged out at about 1 silver each, and I suspect it might be the case again this year. Just think how much more coin that’s going to bring in over the long term!

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I nearly fell into the trap of converting these materials to sell, so hopefully this stops the rest of you from making the same mistake!

Start "Flipping Burgers"


Written by Jayhawk.

Anything worth doing or worth knowing starts with an entry level position and learning how to be effective on the Trading Post is no different. Yes, there are quicker paths to the top but that requires more understanding than most people initially have. Most of that understanding isn't even about the game and the markets, it's about yourself and the way you look at, act on and think about trading.

I am a rather conservative trader. I want "sure things" and want to do that sure thing as much as possible. I branch out occasionally and sometimes find a new "sure thing" to add to the list however I have been burnt far more when I acted outside of my nature -- trying to get the "quick flip", speculating on markets and trying to time the patches and holidays right. I realize I'm just not that guy.

You need to find out what kind of trader you are and the best place to start is by being conservative, doing the entry-level flipping and branching out from there. In short, the best place to start is by "Flippin' Burgers".

Take a look at a month view of Hamburgers from GWSpidy2.com

You'll notice that we can buy Hamburgers for 2c and sell them for 15c netting us 10c profit after fees. (http://tpcalc.com is a great resource to do the math for you).

You should also notice that Hamburgers have been over 30c at least 3 times during this month view and consistently jump over 20c. So, what's your "sure thing"? What's your risky? What's your crazy-aggressive?

HOMEWORK: Buy 300 Hamburgers at 2c or 3c and sell 100 at three different prices that you would label "sure", "risky" and "crazy" and see what you feel most comfortable with. Make at least 1 gold in profit from flipping burgers and then post in the comments for this article what your prices were. Then, tell a friend how easy it was to make 1 gold and send them to this blog. If there's enough interest, I'll come up with another easy and profitable "assignment".


What to Do With Stockpiles of Mithril


Written by Jayne:

What do you do with a hoard of mithril?

Most of us who’ve been playing the game for a while will have a huge stockpile of mithril ore cluttering up our materials tab, and possibly even a few bank slots. With the ore itself selling for less than 30 copper at the time of writing, it seems largely worthless, right?


If you have your armorsmithing discipline levelled to 325, there’s some money to be made from that apparently worthless metal.

18-slot fine boxes may not seem the most lucrative of markets, but they’re fairly consistent in pricing. They tend to shift within a couple of hours of listing, although if you want to avoid undercutting it’s best to list them in small clusters of two or three. The two you want to be paying attention to are the 18-slot equipment boxes and the 18-slot safe boxes, which require the following:

1) 10 Mithril Ingots 2)  1 Greater Rune of Holding (bought for 2g from the armorsmithing vendor)
3) 3 Large Scales or Piles of Incandescent Dust (currently 3s 35 and 1s 33 respectively from the TP)

A word of caution – the scales and incandescent dust can fluctuate in price (sometimes rising as high as 4 silver per unit!) so be careful when buying and remember to adjust the numbers accordingly.

Using the prices at the time of writing, you’d need to list equipment boxes for a minimum of 2g 47s and the safe boxes for 2g 40s to break even after trading post fees. They generally sell around the 2g 60s mark - that’s a profit of between 10-20 silver per box, and I’ve seen them sell for more than that in the past.

A side note for leatherworkers – this also works with 18-slot oiled packs, which require thick leather squares and 3 large bones (3s 38 each) in place of the scales and dust. They’re currently selling for 3g 30s, which gives you a nice 70 silver profit per bag!

So, if you’re looking for a way to de-clutter your collection of tier 5 salvage materials and make some money in the process, there’s plenty to be made in crafting.

Real Players Paid to Play GW2


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for visiting this blog. Recently I have taken a serious interest in creating my own video games (namely on the xbox360 but now also for steam). While this means that my attention is driven away from the Guild Wars 2 economy temporarily, I don't want to reduce the content production on this blog.

Several writers have come forward and submitted articles, as well as gotten paid for them! The articles have earned between $10 and $30 each, and I really hope this incentive creates a greater number of people to step forward and write for this blog.

Speculation, current strategies, gold making basics, etc. All are good fits for this blog and you don't have to be rich in game! Common sense is not so common for the newer players, and so I often post basic information with a new twist for the more experienced demographics.

Please go here to see rules for submitting articles. You can always ask me questions as well.

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Thank you all,


Understanding Black Lion Weapon Spikes


Daniel asked:
"Hi Markco,
The patch today got me wondering about a trend with Black Lion Weapons. When the Chaos skins were pushed up to 5 tickets and the new Tempest weapons were introduced, the Chaos skins went up in price by a few dozen gold. I'm thinking this is probably the case whenever a patch with weapon skins comes out, but how long does this spike last? Does the value of the weapons continue to increase or is it just a temporary thing? Thanks."

Good question Daniel. Allow me to answer by providing the timetable for almost all price "spikes" in the game: Guild Wars 2's News Cycle.

The faster players find out about new skins, the sooner they will buy them. So when a new patch goes live on a Friday, odds are most people will have found out by Sunday afternoon. You will then have until around a week to two weeks before everyone has bought the skin they wanted and moved on to the next thing they're chasing.

Only a small fraction of players pay close attention to the Guild Wars 2 home page, news related sites, patch notes, videos, etc. The sooner you discover that players WILL WANT SOMETHING, the sooner you can take advantage of the situation. Predicting what will happen after an unknown (like a patch) comes out is very tricky, but spotting a news story as it's occurring or about to occur is easy provided that you pay attention to the Guild Wars 2 News Cycle.

Even with holiday events, I find that the buzz surrounding new items dies around a month later. Luckily, GW2 is always adding new items and features to keep people chasing the proverbial carrot on a stick. What's cool about the devs' process is that they keep reusing old materials instead of always reintroducing new ones (like world of warcarft did with each expansion). This allows you to play long term markets like silver ore, leather, etc because you can realistically expect the devs to eventually raise their price with patches.

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