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Solo 5 Gold Per Hour


Written by Draco.

To do this, head over to Lornar's Pass and run the map to get all the gatherings. This is a 25-40 level map. Between the random loot drops and the gatherings, you should net about 5 gold an hour.
The key to this is are the gatherings. These are mostly Fir Trees that yield Hard Wood Logs and Platinum Ore nodes.  You should also gather the various Herbs and Taproots that add some decent value to your yield as well. Personally I would pass on the Scallions that give Green Onions and the Mushrooms. Both have little value at this time.

You will run into some trash mobs that can drop salvageable trophies that give you Linen & Cotton Scraps as well as standard loot that you can salvage as well.

Add some Magic Find and Gathering boosts you can increase your yield as well.

Running Lornar's Pass you will run into a few events that you can take advantage of as well as Crested Raptors.

I understand there are other ways to make 5+ gold an hour running Dungeons, or certain Map Trains. But for a change of pace, or if your characters aren't ready for either of those, this is a fun alternative. If you haven't been there since your World Completion many moons ago, head on back there to make some decent gold and have some fun.

Helping out a few lower level players won't hurt any either, and I'm sure they would appreciate it as well.

[Personal Post] Help Get Fright Light onto Steam


Hi everyone, if you'd like to skip this person post you can go to the latest GW2 article Candy Corn Profit.

I created a game recently called Fright Light. As you can see by the video below (WARNING: CONTAINS CURSING), it's a somewhat scary first person game. If I can get enough votes on Steam then it will be available for PC users to purchase. At the moment it's available on XBOX 360 and there is a PC demo available under the announcements on the Fright Light Steam Page.

Making games is my one true passion, and I think having a game creator's mindset is what led me to discovering so many successful tricks and strategies in Guild Wars 2. Please help me make that passion a reality by getting Fright Light "Greenlit"!

Here's the video but, let me warn you again, there is cursing in here so please only view if you're OK with scared people yelling curses at their TV's!

Candy Corn Profit


Written by: Flaixman.

As everyone knows, the halloween event has just finished, and have left tons of pieces of candy corn in the TP.
All of them costs about 17c each, what makes it 1,7 G each candy corn.

There are 2 ways of making profit, 1 fast and 1 long term.

Fast one:

By the time I'm writing this, the candy corn cob is 2g each, and the piece of candy corn is 19 copper instant buy or 15 if you make an offer, so if you manage to get 4 stacks of pieces of candy corn and convert them to candy corn cob at sonder the seller (in lions arch), you can it, you can get fast profit of the candy corn (but not that much).

Long Term:

WE have to ask a question of ourselves, What can we do with the Pieces of Candy corn and candy corn cob?

The answer is easy: 20 slot bags. But you'll say, flaixman, those bags are account bound, and you can't sell them.

And my response to that statement is that we don't want to sell the 20 slot bags, we want to keep the pieces of candy corn and the candy corn cob. Why?

1-20 slot bags costs 12g each at the trading post.
2-1 Halloween slot bag costs 3 candy corn cobs, that are 2 gold each bought instantly, or 1,5-1,6 g each. What makes each bag costs between 4,5 and 6 gold (that's 6-7,5 gold less than the others EACH ONE).
3-What it's going to happen next weeks-months? This:

Everyone who wants a 20 slot bag will stop crafting them and is going to stop buying them from the tp. What are they going to do? Buy them from candy corn cob, so the price of the pieces of candy corn and candy corn cob are going to rise much more than now, and they are going to grow fast up to the 33 c per piece of candy corn or 3g33s33c per candy corn cob (these prices are the ones that make the price of each bag 10g each). So every piece of candy corn and candy corn cob that you buy now, it's going to increase drastically it's value, so selling them some weeks-months from on now, will report you a great profit.

Another way to make instant gold is, if you have some 20 slot bags in possesion, sell them and buy some with candy corn, that will grant you 5-6 gold per bag change.

Ugly Profits


Written by Draco.

I mentioned in my Halloween Post to start buying the Ugly's:
- Ugly Wool Socks
- Ugly Wool Hats
- Ugly Wool Sweaters

Now let me introduce you to the Gifts of Wintersday:
- Small Wintersday Gift
- Medium Wintersday Gift
- Large Wintersday Gift

If ANET does what they did during Halloween, and just regurgitate last years event, then these items are going to make anyone who buys in now, a lot of gold!
Here is how your going to profit if you follow these simple steps.

Last year you can exchange:
- 8 socks for a small gift, 10 socks for a medium gift or 12 socks for a large gift.
- 5 Hats for a small gift, 8 hats for a medium gift or 10 hats for a large gift.
- 3 sweaters for a small gift, 6 sweaters for a medium gift or 8 sweaters for a large gift.

Doing some simple math you will see for example if you buy 8 socks for 33 copper each that comes out to 2.64 silver. The current bid for the small gift is currently over 4 silver! The offer is close to 6 silver!

If you work out the costs of each socks, hats and sweaters, and compare them to the value of the small, medium and large Wintersday gifts, you will see that the Ugly's are greatly undervalued right now.
I would buy as many of the Ugly's you can afford and hold them till Wintersday starts and then convert your Ugly's into the gifts that give you the best profit. I am projecting making 3-4 times my gold investment.

Last year the small gift went to about 10 silver, the medium gifts went to about 12.5 silver, and the large went to about 70 silver per!

Do the math, just don't take too long, you might miss out on the better prices of the Ugly's!

Good Luck and happy Holidays.

9 Tips for the Casual Gold Maker


Written by Beren

Hi my name is Beren, I have been playing guild wars 1 and 2 for years. I am not a hardcore economy player but i do have a few things i do every time i log in and it makes gold every time. So i want to share how i play how and make money without flipping 1000's of items each day. When i play most of my time is split between world vs world or the latest events, that leaves me little time to go about farming, flipping or indeed doing the research needed to speculate. So with that in mind; below i will cover the few things i do and how i get good results

Tips for making gold for the casual player.
  1. Every causal player should have cooking as a crafting skill, the other skill does not matter. Cooking is the cheapest to level (also fastest) and has the most consistent money making items.
  2. If you are leveling salvage most of the loots you get along the way, some items like linen and cotton are worth loads.
  3. If you at lvl 60+ keep the green items you get. This is important if you karma train in EOTM or in zones and fill up fast. Use them in the mystic forge for the chance to get rares. (avg sell price for greens is 2-3 silver each, average price for a rare is 35-40 silvers with some items like great swords going for 60-80 silvers) i try to keep greatswords, bows,staves rifles etc.  
  4. Do the hearts that give you access to karma produce in bulk (lemons, peaches, black beans etc) more on this latter.
  5. Find a few items that sell quickly for a good profit and make them when you can and sell on the weekends. (hint mango pies)
  6. Place buy orders through the week and sell orders before the weekend.
  7. use your badges,karma and skill points to make money when you can.
  8. some vendor cooking items can be bought of the TP cheaper than from the vendor (starch etc)
  9. Use http://gw2profit.aws.af.cm/ to find items that you can craft and sell to buy orders.

Here some further detail of some of the things above. 
Cooking is faster to level and it is very cheap compared to the other skills. It also has some of the highest turn over in terms of items on the TP. With the hearts it allows you some of the best karma to gold ratios in the game. (look here : Normal Guides: Cooking - Top 5 Hearts - Guild War 2 Crafting Guide )

There is a lot of ways to turn karma, badges and skill points into gold, they require some maths but a simple one is : Use your badges to get arrow cart blueprints, then use your skillpoints to turn  them into superior arrow carts. this is quick, easy and makes you money every time.  Other ways to make gold with karma and skillpoints include, buy karma items and combine in the MF and salvage. 

You can also look at making lodestones with skill points and cores however this requires a reasonable amount of investment to do in large enough numbers. It also requires lots of clicking.

Let me know your thoughts,


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