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Written by Murven.

Each chapter of the living story brings new details on the history of Tyria, but along with those, it also comes along a new piece of loot, which shows how much your hero was involved with that portion of the story in Tyria.

In order to make these items, it is necessary to participate in the new content, vanquish specific areas of the game and conquer specific enemies, collecting specific pieces of loot.

That loot comes in different flavours, soulbound, account bound or tradeable; some of it is rare and hard to get, some of it floods our inventory with a plethora of space-taking pieces of which we only need a few, but get a lot.

Of course, that means most people will just get rid of it. Since they cannot be sold to the vendor they end up on the trading post, but since everybody is playing the same game at the same time and getting tons of the same items as loot, there is a huge offer and incredibly low demand, bringing the prices for those items down to the lowest possible rather quickly.

But in many occasions, this situation only lasted for a couple of weeks. After that period of time things changed radically: the enemies were vanquished, the area was conquered, and loot stopped dropping.

Nobody was able to get those items any more, however, nobody wants them either, we all had our share of them and we all made our heroic items to prove our participation in the chapter.

For those actively involved, making the item was rather easy, several runs into the content and we got more than enough to make it and we simply got rid of the surplus by posting it to the trading post at the lower possible price.

One notable example of this kind of heroic items is the Spinal Blades; as with them came lots and lots of Spinal Blades Blueprint Scraps of which you only needed one of each kind to get started in the item making quest, but you got tons of it as loot from the Escape of Lion's Arch chapter.

Time has passed, players have returned to the game and new players have bought the game as well. They see your shiny spinal blade back item and they want one too!

It is definitely not easy for them to get it, but it is certainly possible. The biggest obstacle is the blade shards, they are account bound and they do not drop any more, except for those little nodes in your home instance you got as reward or that mining pick that drops sprockets. So, although it is not easy, you can still get shards.

Concerning blueprints, those are just cheap and easy to get from the trading post.

Or are they?

As far as I know, they do not drop any more, which means the offer of them, as big as it was back at the time of the patch, has halted drastically. Demand is not huge, but it is steady.

In summary, an item that was junk back when introduced has been growing in value over time and I risk predicting it will continue to do so steadily as time goes by.

At some point new players will realize they *can* make the blades. It is slow but possible to get the shards and the scraps they just need to buy from the trading post, *whatever the price*.

Toward the end of the making process they will also find out they need Power Cores as well, matching the blade colour they want. But those can also easily be obtained from the trading post... right?

Who hath ears to hear, let him hear: do as you wish with this piece of information.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Please to any newbie speculators out there: don't dump all your money in to this market until you see what is in the next patch.

    The market for these things is relatively slow, and you're going to want to ride buy orders after the next crash (look at the spidy historical charts, the item inevitably crashes after any uptick as people start dumping their hidden stashes).

    If ANet introduce a way to get them with laurels or another currency they'll crash in to the dirt, and they've done similar things before such as the end of season 1.

    China hasn't gotten access to the power cores yet, and it seems ANet wish to make sure there aren't any orphan items between the two regions.

    That being said, there is a good amount of upside as long as you keep in mind that you need to exit out before a supply is patched in. For instance, the cheapest equivalent ascended backpiece would work out at about 13g per core, and either the red, blue or green, look dramatically better than those more expensive options which have fairly mundane skins.

    http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Quiver_of_Swift_Flight (180g)


    http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Static_Tempered_Spinal_Blades (~120g, @8g per core)

    Obviously the fractal capacitor surpasses them all, but fractals is done by such a small slither of the population.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Regarding Blade Shards, what you are saying is not true. You can get them in the EOTM from the aetherblade pirates, they drop in the aetherblade dungeon path of twilight arbor, you get them from the not so secret jumping puzzle in gendarran fields and you sometimes get some from risen (very rare though, had them dropped just yesterday). You can also multiply them in mystic forge using watchwork sprockets. As you see, there are more than enough opportunities for someone who really wants those spinal blades.

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