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How to Earn 5 Gold Daily

Written By Evan:
All of us have different schedules that impact the time we can spend online in GW2. Some of us have more time than others. I myself don't have much time to play each day, and I love being able to obtain gold quickly. Even for those with time, you definitely still want to grab that gold as fast as you can. Today I am here to present my surefire way to obtain quick and easy gold. The daily run I am posting takes at the most 1 hour, and should be able to fit into most people's schedules.

It will make you at least 5 gold each day. 

If followed through on most days a year, lets say 300, you will make 1500 gold simply from this each year. Then, lets take what you earn from simply playing the game(PvP, WvW, PvE) and cancel that out with what you spend. You probably will spend more than that, so lets end up with 1200 gold each year. 

1200 gold. 

Now lets get to what the daily run actually is all about. Up here I will be offering you an explanation of how it works for those who aren't familiar with runs. For experienced players who just want to get at the information, it is bulleted below. 

Step one is to do the dungeon Citadel of Flame. This dungeon is "infamous" in GW2 for how quick it can be completed and used as a gold well. After completing story mode for a dungeon, you have 3 paths that you can complete an unlimited amount of times. For this dungeon, we only want to do paths 1 and 2 for their speed. Each path, upon completion, will give around 26 silver and an additional 1+ gold for daily completion. THIS IS IMPORTANT - The daily additional reward is what we want. It resets, or comes back, at 8 PM EST daily.

Step two is another dungeon, Sorrow's Embrace. Very close to the speed of Citadel of Flame, and it gives a lot of champion loot boxes, something I thoroughly enjoy. For this dungeon, we want to stick with paths 1 and 3. Same deal with above for rewards obtained.

By now, you already have AT LEAST 5 gold. However, if you are blessed with a good group, you can have 15-20 minutes left over. After this, you can implement that additional time to fill up your pockets with some more gold. Steps three and four are suggested, but optional. 

Step three is getting those dailies done!!! They can give over 50 silver a day, and also loot chests/boxes along with it. Also, it gives Achievement Points which are useful as well. You can pick your quickest way to do it, but I love doing them on WvW. It gives a fun competitive break to the repetitiveness. 

Step four is champion farming. This is when you join a train/zerg to essentially kill champions across Tyria to grab the often rewarding loot. This is arguably faster than dungeon paths, but because this is somewhat based upon how lucky you are, dungeon paths are a safer method. An extremely helpful site for this is <http://dulfy.net/2014/04/23/event-timer/>. If you want to use this but don't have overlay(A good one is Overwolf!) or multiple monitors, do Alt-Enter to switch back and forth.

That's it for the run! Thanks for reading!

For those who just want the quick steps or want a refresher on what to do, here it is:

1. Citadel of Flame
-Path 1
-Path 2

2. Sorrow's Embrace
-Path 1
-Path 3

Optional but Suggested

3. Dailies and Monthlies

4. Champion Farming


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