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Year of the Ram Investments

Sup everyone, it's Alfa Q here.  The Lunar New Year's update has ended, but it still isn't too late to buy the Lunar New Year's items for potential profit!  Keep in mind that most of the items I talk about are long term investment items and probably will not dramatically increase in price over the course of a few weeks.

Lucky Great Ram Lanterns
The Great Ram Backpieces are fairly cheap on the TP atm (around 9g a piece at the time of writing).  Perhaps that doesn't seem cheap to you but think again.  

Lunar New Years happens... well... once  a year.  You must keep in mind that Lunar New Years has a cycle that features a different animal each year.  The next year of the goat (in GW2 it is the "year of the ram" lol) isn't going to occur again until 2027...  Thus, as the supply of these backpieces decreases over time, the price is going to also rise dramatically.

Even if Anet decides to bring the ram backpieces back next lunar new years (which honestly wouldn't make much sense imo since they should just feature one animal per year) they are still likely rise in price throughout the year.  Anet will probably bring them back regardless in the next Lunar New Years update in the Divine Lucky Envelopes, but it will most likely be with a greatly reduced drop rate (to prioritize the latest animal backpiece).

Please be aware however that these DO NOT STACK.  So if you are buying in bulk, have a personal guild bank or an alt character to store these on.

Lucky Ram Lanterns
Similar to the Great Ram Lanterns, only a lot cheaper.  There are tons supplied in the TP, so it will likely take a lot more time for them to rise in price.  A cheaper investment alternative to the Great Ram Backpieces.

They also do not stack like the Great Ram Backpieces so be sure you have the inventory space or bank space for these items.

Divine Lucky Envelopes
A pretty safe investment for the price they currently are selling for (1g 36s at time of writing).  They are guaranteed to give you at least one Golden Ram Figurines (a junk vendor item) worth 88s with a rare chance at Ornamental Golden Trophies that you can vendor for 8g 88s 88c along with a chance at the ram backpieces, luck, fireworks, and food items.  As the ram backpieces decrease in supply and rise in price, Divine Lucky Envelopes will also rise in price.  

Yup.  Fireworks.  A unique xp item that has the ability to stack with food buffs, banner, utility, and guild buffs.  

Fireworks won't just rise in price for the players who want to powerlevel their character.  They are a visual appealing item that gives off a cool effect when used.  Guild fireworks, for example, allows players to show off their guild emblems when launching the firework into the sky while also gaining a 10% experience buff.  As guilds become an even more important and popular in Guild Wars 2 (with the Guild Halls being added into the future expansion) it wouldn't be surprising if most guild related items such as this one would rise in price.  

In addition to the neat effects of fireworks, Lunar New Year Fireworks are used in a recipe to upgrade the Lucky Ram Lantern Backpieces into the Lucky Great Ram Lantern Backpieces which will help reduce the supply and help increase the price.

This is my little overview on the Lunar New Years Update.  Please note that the suggestions that I provide are merely suggestions.  I cannot predict the future with 100% certainty, but I do try my best using the tools available.  You should also do some research yourself.  Use handle tools like gw2spidy, gw2wiki, and your experience with trading to decide for yourself whether these are safe investments or not.  I will be posting more tips/suggestions in the future.  You can always mail/pm me in game @Dinosoarex.6594 if you have any questions!

Alfa Q


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