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GW2 HOT Expansion and Game Director Interview

Hey everyone, Alfa Q here again, and today I'm going to be talking about future investments for the Heart of Thorn expansion which is coming to Guild Wars 2 sometime (hopefully soon T_T).  Please note that like my last post, these items I talk about are very long term investment items (length really depends on when HoT is released).  Of course being very long term investments, they also have incredible potential to yield you tons of gold. 

New Legendary Weapons
"In the meantime, there will be new Legendary weapons based on current weapon types, as ArenaNet wants to provide players with more variety in looks and themes for the powerful weapons."
As Johanson has revealed, the Heart of Thorns update will bring a new set of Legendary weapons based on current weapon types.  Looking at the recipes for the current Legendaries, it is highly likely that the new set of Legendaries will also require the Gift of Fortune and the Gift of Mastery.  Thus, stocking up on T6 materials, Lodestones, and ectoplasm is a really good idea since people are going to be crafting them immediately.

Also... wait a minute...  Johanson just said "In the meantime, there will be new Legendary weapons based on current weapon types.  This implies that there may be other (legendary) weapon types built into the game in the future!  What does this mean in terms of making more gold?  Nothing at the moment.  But as more information is revealed about the Heart of Thorns expansion, you should be on the look out for clues that you can take advantage of before anyone else can to make even more gold!

"One new type of Legendary gear will definitely be putting in an appearance this year and will likely be a trinket such as a ring or amulet."
So I thought: Why would people buy a legendary trinket/ring/amulet?  Just for the ability to change stats on a ring that you can easily get from fractals?
My guildies helped me answer this one: What if the trinket/ring/amulet had a cool effect on your character?

Think about the Halloween Update last year.  From the trick-or-treat bags, you had a rare chance Oontz's necklace which had the Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (black, green, orange) attached to them (currently worth hundreds of gold).  It is highly likely that the legendary trinket/ring/amulets will come with a unique effect since each legendary weapon comes with a neat effect and since amulet character effects have been done before.

The addition of a Legendary trinket/ring/amulet means that certain ores and crafting materials will be rising in price.  Since trinkets, rings, and amulets are created through the profession of Jewelcrafting, it is highly likely that the recipe to create it will consist of Orichalcum and perhaps other gems/metals/lodestones.  In addition, there is the possibility that a Legendary trinkets/ring/amulet will require the gift of fortune and the gift of mastery just like Legendary weapons, so you guys should seriously be stocking up on T6 materials, Lodestones, and ectoplasm!  

More Challenging Content
With increasingly challenging content being brought into HoT, it is possible that certain runes and sigils may not be as overused as they currently are.  More people may try exploring other rune and sigil combinations on different armor sets.  Thus, certain low-priced superior runes and sigils are a good idea to stock up on just in case the future content will require different runes and sigils due to the increase in difficulty (you will have to do your own research on this one as I do not have a great enough understanding of runes and sigils to offer any useful advice).


Like all my articles, these are suggestions, speculation, and tips.  You should always do your own research before making a decision!  
If you have any questions or if I missed something important, comment in the comments section!

Alfa Q



  1. Anonymous said...:

    With the new Revenant class being a heavy armor type, do you think that prices for heavy armor will rise? Or again, maybe the materials required to make them do?

  1. Alfa Q said...:

    Hmm... Well this is a tricky question since this is the first time another class has been added to GW2, so I can't really base it off past events, but...

    Yes. It is very possible that certain armor and weapons may rise in price. I have a feeling that almost everyone is going to create a Revenant when the expansion is released and a lot of people are going to want to power level their Revenant to 80. Certain armor and weapon skins will likely increase in price depending on how they will look on the Revenant class.

    Be on the look out for certain weapon skills that are really badass on the Revenant (in terms of dmg or effect) and invest in that weapon type with a good looking skin. I would advise choosing skins such as the Black Lion Store skins and buying them off the Trading Post if you have the gold.

    Another option in terms of materials would be lodestones that are required in weapon mystic forge recipes. If more people who play Revenant want to make their character look more badass, they will probably want to have badass looking weapon and a lot of badass skins are created via mystic forge (ex: Volcanus, Immobulus, etc). As more lodestones are used up to create these skins, then the supply of lodestones will decrease and the price will increase :)

    Note that this is my belief. I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong since you should always do your own research before making a decision xD!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i think they will rise. i think it woud be wise to buy them now or have all materials in your bank to make them.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Do you think mystic coin will rise likewise as the t6 mats? Its very limited because of the new-log in system and mystic clovers are also RNG based so you need around one stack per x77 clover.

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