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The Maize Balm Farm

You can make tons of gold really easily by simply using maize balm to farm trick-or-treat bags.

How to Farm:
(1) Organize a party of five guardians (guard works best imo)
(2) Each player buys 25 maize balm off the trading post (doesn't have to be 25. any amount is fine)
(3) Get a low level staff and have everyone remove armor
(4) Go to a location with lots of ambients such as Queensdale or Bloodtide Coast 
(5) Have one person use their maize balm on the ambient creature to transform them into candy corn elementals
(6) Kill the candy corn elementals for trick or treat bags
(7) Once everyone uses 25 maize balm sell your trick or treat bags
(8) Profit

-Really easy gold. If you are tired of grinding SW or doing dungeons, I find this a pretty good alternative to keeping things "fresh".
-If you enjoy gambling, you can always open all your bags and sell items for profit. Typically what you get from opening the bags will be less than just selling them outright, but you will still make a profit. You do have a small chance at the rare Refractor amulets and an endless tonic which sells for hundreds of gold!

-There will be assholes who ruin the farm by kill stealing. Typically when I see someone nearby, I wait for them to leave to avoid trolls and kill stealers. If they persist to interrupt your farming, try heading to another location.

Additional Tips and Info
-Try to get 3 ambiet creatures in the maize balm AoE. Of course, this is easier said than done, so getting 2 per balm is also OK.
-Once u get a hit on one of the candy candy corn elementalists, don't hit them anymore to allow the rest of your party to get kill credit.

-Bags are currently at 4s 13c.  Killing the maximum number of elementals possible with a full party that uses 25 maize balm each will yield you  1125 trick-or-treat-bags or over 45g at the current rate.

You can buy forum credit that supports me >>>HERE<<<.  I check the forums on a daily basis and there are also some other active, helpful, friendly moderators such as Draco444 and hype!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  I will try to make posts more frequently, but please be aware that I have been really busy for the past month!  As usual you can email me any questions or concerns at Dinosoarex@gmail.com or pm me in game.  Please note that if I am in a dungeon I probably will not respond to any messages that you send me so please hold them until afterwards xD

Alfa Q


  1. Anonymous said...:

    think you mean 125 not 1125 as 25*5=125 which translates to 4.5g... if i'm wrong lmk

  1. Alfa Q said...:

    No. 25 Maize Balm = 25*9 bags
    Multiply that by five party members and that will equal 1125 bags

  1. Anonymous said...:

    so is that assuming each ambient drops 3 bags or every maize balm hits 3 ambients?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Balm farm is seeing a huge influx of people due to the recent forum acknowledgement and we need to evolve for it to stay alive. Selfishness is killing it. The maize balm farm can easily fit 100 people playing by the 'rules.' Of course these rules aren’t mandatory, but go to bloodtide and you will see it’s impossible to farm without teamwork and everyone will call you a jerk, especially me. I hold the anti-virtue of selfishness to be inexcusable. Often you can’t get a zerg of more than 12-15 people working together because 2-3 people ruin it.

    In order to achieve $_$ status, as a rule, please do not farm with a level 80 weapon, or with gear (trinkets//armor) still equipped. If you want to go the extra mile, also unequip traits or the weapon altogether. You can buy 'mighty' lvl 0 white weapons, and as long as you have a party, and tag (even if it’s for 0 damage) you will get loot!! All my lvl 80 characters can do 5-30 damage this way and not miss a single bit of lewt.

    IMPORTANT ! ! ! ! A level 0 white weapon does 1/20 - 1/200 of what a lvl 80 exotic hits for.

    Also very important, if you are reading this for the first time and want to give it a shot, you need to wait 1 second after the elementals spawn for them to change from lvl 2 >> 52. Otherwise, the elemental dies instantly, even if you have the lvl 0 white weapon equipped.


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