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Prepare for the Expansion: FotM Vendors


Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk to you guys about how to prepare for the incoming expansion in a little bit more detail. I will keep this very basic, since there is a lot of new players who will sooner or later stumble upon this site and might not have all the knowledge which we acquired over the past years (on top of that, i do not want to give away concrete items and / or materials because i do not want people accusing me for trying to manipulate and market etc but it should not be too difficult to more or less spot what I will be talking about if you get your head around the bank and trading post and so on).

Please note - this is all personal opinion, based on previous experience and conclusions from discussing this topic with several experienced players!

Personally, once i heard about the incoming heart of thorns expansion, i made a plan on how i want to go about it in terms of investments and what the smartest things to do would be.

The first thing which popped into my mind was one very simple word - Hoard! - and this is what I will mainly be talking about today.

With all the information which was leaked by aNet over the past weeks, we got to know that there will be tons and tons of new and shiny stuff such as new legendary weapons, armor and weapon skins, legendary armor, new types of food and much, much more.

One example is that we will be able to buy fractal weapon skins from the vendors inside the FotM, probably for an absurd amount of Fractal Relics, but it will be possible! So if you always wanted to get one of those, you might want to consider starting to save up for it.

So what I have been doing is literally hoarding everything I can, may it be materials, Laurels, Fractal Relics, Bandit Crests and so on just so you can immediately jump into investments made by these coins or "parallel currencies". I am certain that there will be new ways of converting these into gold :)

Quick side note - I don't think the incoming changes will affect any of the dungeon tokens, so keep doing your thing for some daily gold with the dungeon NPC's ;)

Just like the last time, some concrete tips for those of you who bared with me all the way through the article:
I know - I already mentioned this in the previous post - but I just cannot stress it enough that everything can be flipped! Literally everything you find on the trading post, no matter how useless it seems to you. It is just a matter of patience and knowing how to set your buy and sell orders.

Just make sure to stay at a profit range of around 25% (after having taken away the fees). With this range you should be safe most of the times and guaranteed a sale!

Also, before investing huge amounts of gold into one market, use the provided tools to look at some graphs to get a brief idea of the past shifts and demand/supply towards weekend days etc! :)

Stay tuned for more information in the following days and make sure to hit me up with any questions either ingame (ThisIsFkinMine.1356) or via mail at  -  mxismine@gmail.com

Top 10 Gold Making Articles of All Time


While I did quit GW2 a long time ago, this website has continued to exist thanks in large part to you and your articles. I thought it was long overdue that I contribute something, so here are the top 10 gold making articles of all time for the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post blog.

1. Damn This is a Gold Guide

My first attempt at a gold guide, and it ended up spawning the forum this site now sells.

2. 50 Items You Can Flip for Profit

This is a terrific starting point for people who are new to the game, or ones that aren't used to exploring the trading post for flips.

3. Best Way to Turn Kharma Into Gold

Fastest method by far to turn your Kharma into Gold. There are a few others on this site as well.

4. Easy Gold Making Flipping Rare Dyes

An all time favorite. Return fluctuates as people learn about it and then give up on it.

5. Flipping Guide Part 1

Great little series on flipping. A good addition to the Damn This is a Gold Guide.

6. 99 Tips For GW2 Trading Post

A list post within a list post. Pretty meta huh?

7. 12 Gold Per Hour Flipping Method

Not as good now, but a good strategy none-the-less.

8. Easy Gold Ore Farming Spot

The game is full of little spots like this one for all types of ore. Just gotta find them!

9. Skill Points to Gold

Use Miyani the Mystic to make gold from your skill points (if you have extra).

10. How to Make First 100 Gold

How I did it and you can too!

Heart of Thorns and GW2 F2P


Hello everyone,

With the Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns finally just a footstep away and the core game of Guild Wars 2 going free-to-play, a lot of old gw2 players are finding their way back to the game as well as many new players joining the communities.

Even several youtubers who usually create totally different content have picked up a copy of the free-to-play gw2 and advertised it on their channels.

Now, let's get to the interesting part of all these amazing changes (there is so many interesting points, which I will only slightly touch on and go into more detail in future articles!)

- The new maps & their own currency:
With the introduction of new maps, arenanet decided to introduce more "mapwide currency" (like in Silverwaste and Dry Top). Once these maps are released and people start farming those maps other maps will be less populated and certain items / materials might become "overfarmed" and lose in value just like several T6 materials have dropped in price with the introduction of the Silverwastes map and vice versa!

- Legendary Weapons, Armor and Back Item:
With the incoming expansion, new legendary items have been announced. These new items will be account bound and therefore not be found on the trading post. Everyone seeking to get one of these items will have to craft it completely himself! Looking at recipes of current legendary weapons will give you an idea of what is needed to craft one and since the new legendary items. If the recipes stay somewhere equivalent to the current recipes, the demand of the needed materials might increase immensely!

- Ascended changes:
Yes, we will finally be able to salvage ALL ascended pieces (including trinkets!!!), so make sure to hold onto all those trinkets which you've gathered over the years! Not only will you possibly need the stats for future builds in HoT but also will they give you items required for the new legendary items when being salvaged.

- New Specializations, new Profession and new Encounters:
It has been announced that the new PvE content will finally shift the existing player base away from the "zerker meta", by the implementation of new encounters with a variety of skills and an unpredictable combat log. Like it or not, but these changes will make things like hybrid builds, debuffers and buffers, healers, tanks etc a lot more viable and a full glass cannon (hopefully) impossible to use in the new PvE content. Not only will this let us use the amazing specialization system to its full potential but also will it increase the demand of equipment with other stats than Power - Precision - Ferocity.

Do not forget - this is only a very brief introduction into what will happen to Guild Wars 2 with the incoming expansion. There is a lot more to it, which we will get into over the following weeks.

For all those who have stayed all the way to the end of the article and are waiting for some more concrete and now applicable hints, here is some advice from me:
Do your world completion before HoT hits.
If you have several Gifts of Exploration lying around, try yourself in crafting legendaries and selling them before the expansion! If you don't have enough gold to craft a full legendary weapon, go halfs on it with a friend or even with several friends! There is no shame in sharing ideas and completing them together :).
As far as flipping goes, remember that everything will sell eventually. Be patient and don't shy away from doing a dungeon here and there to fill up your wallet with more gold which can be used for more and better investments.

For questions and concerns, you can hit me up via mail at  -  mxismine@gmail.com 


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