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Prepare for the Expansion: FotM Vendors

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk to you guys about how to prepare for the incoming expansion in a little bit more detail. I will keep this very basic, since there is a lot of new players who will sooner or later stumble upon this site and might not have all the knowledge which we acquired over the past years (on top of that, i do not want to give away concrete items and / or materials because i do not want people accusing me for trying to manipulate and market etc but it should not be too difficult to more or less spot what I will be talking about if you get your head around the bank and trading post and so on).

Please note - this is all personal opinion, based on previous experience and conclusions from discussing this topic with several experienced players!

Personally, once i heard about the incoming heart of thorns expansion, i made a plan on how i want to go about it in terms of investments and what the smartest things to do would be.

The first thing which popped into my mind was one very simple word - Hoard! - and this is what I will mainly be talking about today.

With all the information which was leaked by aNet over the past weeks, we got to know that there will be tons and tons of new and shiny stuff such as new legendary weapons, armor and weapon skins, legendary armor, new types of food and much, much more.

One example is that we will be able to buy fractal weapon skins from the vendors inside the FotM, probably for an absurd amount of Fractal Relics, but it will be possible! So if you always wanted to get one of those, you might want to consider starting to save up for it.

So what I have been doing is literally hoarding everything I can, may it be materials, Laurels, Fractal Relics, Bandit Crests and so on just so you can immediately jump into investments made by these coins or "parallel currencies". I am certain that there will be new ways of converting these into gold :)

Quick side note - I don't think the incoming changes will affect any of the dungeon tokens, so keep doing your thing for some daily gold with the dungeon NPC's ;)

Just like the last time, some concrete tips for those of you who bared with me all the way through the article:
I know - I already mentioned this in the previous post - but I just cannot stress it enough that everything can be flipped! Literally everything you find on the trading post, no matter how useless it seems to you. It is just a matter of patience and knowing how to set your buy and sell orders.

Just make sure to stay at a profit range of around 25% (after having taken away the fees). With this range you should be safe most of the times and guaranteed a sale!

Also, before investing huge amounts of gold into one market, use the provided tools to look at some graphs to get a brief idea of the past shifts and demand/supply towards weekend days etc! :)

Stay tuned for more information in the following days and make sure to hit me up with any questions either ingame (ThisIsFkinMine.1356) or via mail at  -  mxismine@gmail.com


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