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Top 10 Gold Making Articles of All Time

While I did quit GW2 a long time ago, this website has continued to exist thanks in large part to you and your articles. I thought it was long overdue that I contribute something, so here are the top 10 gold making articles of all time for the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post blog.

1. Damn This is a Gold Guide

My first attempt at a gold guide, and it ended up spawning the forum this site now sells.

2. 50 Items You Can Flip for Profit

This is a terrific starting point for people who are new to the game, or ones that aren't used to exploring the trading post for flips.

3. Best Way to Turn Kharma Into Gold

Fastest method by far to turn your Kharma into Gold. There are a few others on this site as well.

4. Easy Gold Making Flipping Rare Dyes

An all time favorite. Return fluctuates as people learn about it and then give up on it.

5. Flipping Guide Part 1

Great little series on flipping. A good addition to the Damn This is a Gold Guide.

6. 99 Tips For GW2 Trading Post

A list post within a list post. Pretty meta huh?

7. 12 Gold Per Hour Flipping Method

Not as good now, but a good strategy none-the-less.

8. Easy Gold Ore Farming Spot

The game is full of little spots like this one for all types of ore. Just gotta find them!

9. Skill Points to Gold

Use Miyani the Mystic to make gold from your skill points (if you have extra).

10. How to Make First 100 Gold

How I did it and you can too!


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