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Potential Free Gold Daily in Seconds!


Hello everyone.  This is Alfa Q again, and today I am going to teach you all how to have the chance at making aprox. 1g and 50s per day in a matter of seconds.  There is no penalty for failure!

How to do this:
(1) You are going to need a character at or between lvl 21-39.  This can be done immediately with one of those birthday scrolls and a tome of knowledge!
(2) Head over to LA and complete any jumping puzzle.
(3) Open that chest at the end of the puzzle and pray to RNGsus that you get a silver doubloon!  You can simply "park" or leave your character in front of the chest so that you can open the chest again after reset!

How it Works:
Silver Doubloons can only be obtained by characters between level 21-36 via jumping puzzle chests or through opening certain bags of materials or via the mystic toilet.  As a result, they are really expensive on the trading post due to the scarcity of players who obtain them.  The fact that they are also used in the Gift of Juggernaut also keeps the supply extremely low and the price pretty high.  Leaving your lvl 21-39 character at the end of the jumping puzzle will allow you to have a chance at a silver doubloon by simply logging onto that character and opening the chest at the end of the puzzle!

Tips & Extra Info
- On characters level 37-38 there is a chance at obtaining silver doubloons and gold doubloons.  Since gold doubloons are really cheap, it would be best to use a character level 21-36 for the best chance at obtaining a silver doubloon.
- Completing the Weyandt's Revenge jumping puzzle will have a magnificent chest at the end, which will give you higher tier equipment opposed to the other puzzles in LA.  This can allow you to sell the items you get for more money.
If you would like, you can always do other jumping puzzles to have a greater chance at Silver Doubloons, but typically this is time consuming and not worth it because of RNG.
- If you have an alt account from that GW2 75% off sale, you can always park a character on that account at the end of a jumping puzzle for two chances at a silver doubloon!  You can do this while getting the daily reward on your alt to kill two birds with one stone :)

In the next few days I will be making an announcement regarding the Secret Forums and will be posting special gold making methods there soon! 
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As usual, you can pm me or mail me in game!  Also you can email me at dinosoarex@gmail.com if you have any questions or post in the comments section!

Alfa Q

Don't forget the Unidentified Dyes


Alfa Q once again.  Today I am going to remind you of the good ol' Unidentified Dyes and explain why you can still invest in them to make a good amount of profit in the future!

If some of you have read Markco's past articles, Unidentified Dyes were (and still are) a great investment.  Ever since Unidentified Dyes flooded the market at a mere ~30s with the creation of account bound dyes, they have slowly been creeping up in price.  Even at 83s (at the time of writing), they prove to remain an excellent way to keep your gold in items. 

There are only 3 ways to obtain unidentified dyes (aside from the trading post), each of the methods being extremely cost or time inefficient.  Thus, they explain why Unidentified Dyes will continue to remain expensive and grow more expensive over time (and it also explains why you should be buying them now!).

Method 1: The Laurel Merchant
The first method to obtain an unidentified dye is by buying one unidentified dye with 5 laurels from a laurel merchant...  ONE DYE FOR 5 LAURELS!!!!  
At first, the conversion rate appears... well... extremely outrageous.  With 5 laurels you can easily buy 5 bags of T6 crafting materials which will yield you approximately 5g.  

So why would the rate be so ridiculously expensive?  Because Anet wants Unidentified Dyes to remain really expensive (otherwise the conversion rate would be much lower).  They are doing this on purpose.  This is also evident as they removed Unidentified Dyes as being a potential drop from mobs.  Because of Anet's stance on keeping Unidentified Dyes expensive, it is an incredibly safe investment!

Method 2: BL Chests
Another method to obtain Unidentified Dyes is through Black Lion Chests.  At the moment, this method is obviously very ineffective since it costs over 10g worth of gems for a key (at the time of writing).  In addition, there is only a small chance that you will even obtain one (and for +10g it isn't worth it anyways... for now at least).  Since farming Black Lion keys is no longer viable anymore, the current people who open BL chests will not drastically increase the supply of Unidentified Dyes.  It is just another small way that Unidentified Dyes can be obtained to continue to enter the market.

Method 3: Personal Story
When completing your personal story, you will be periodically rewarded "Bags of Loot" which has a very small chance of dropping an Unidentified Dye.  This is very time inefficient though since the chance to get a Unidentified Dye from the bag is really low.  This is another reason why the supply of Unidentified Dyes will remain very low.  The scarcity of Unidentified Dyes will lead to an increase in price over time.  As more people open dyes, the more expensive Unidentified Dyes will become!

Since the patch, the amount of sell orders in dyes has dropped dramatically from 85,000 Unidentified Dyes in supply the day of the patch to around 16,000 Unidentified Dyes (as of writing).  Now is a great opportunity to stock up!  Even if you can't buy massive amounts in bulk, try buying 10 or so.  Give it a try.  You might be thanking me in the future xD

As usual: this is speculation.  You should always do your own research before making any decisions!
Of course, post your thoughts or questions in the comments!  Alternatively you can message or mail me in game!

Alfa Q

GW2 HOT Expansion and Game Director Interview


Hey everyone, Alfa Q here again, and today I'm going to be talking about future investments for the Heart of Thorn expansion which is coming to Guild Wars 2 sometime (hopefully soon T_T).  Please note that like my last post, these items I talk about are very long term investment items (length really depends on when HoT is released).  Of course being very long term investments, they also have incredible potential to yield you tons of gold. 

New Legendary Weapons
"In the meantime, there will be new Legendary weapons based on current weapon types, as ArenaNet wants to provide players with more variety in looks and themes for the powerful weapons."
As Johanson has revealed, the Heart of Thorns update will bring a new set of Legendary weapons based on current weapon types.  Looking at the recipes for the current Legendaries, it is highly likely that the new set of Legendaries will also require the Gift of Fortune and the Gift of Mastery.  Thus, stocking up on T6 materials, Lodestones, and ectoplasm is a really good idea since people are going to be crafting them immediately.

Also... wait a minute...  Johanson just said "In the meantime, there will be new Legendary weapons based on current weapon types.  This implies that there may be other (legendary) weapon types built into the game in the future!  What does this mean in terms of making more gold?  Nothing at the moment.  But as more information is revealed about the Heart of Thorns expansion, you should be on the look out for clues that you can take advantage of before anyone else can to make even more gold!

"One new type of Legendary gear will definitely be putting in an appearance this year and will likely be a trinket such as a ring or amulet."
So I thought: Why would people buy a legendary trinket/ring/amulet?  Just for the ability to change stats on a ring that you can easily get from fractals?
My guildies helped me answer this one: What if the trinket/ring/amulet had a cool effect on your character?

Think about the Halloween Update last year.  From the trick-or-treat bags, you had a rare chance Oontz's necklace which had the Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (black, green, orange) attached to them (currently worth hundreds of gold).  It is highly likely that the legendary trinket/ring/amulets will come with a unique effect since each legendary weapon comes with a neat effect and since amulet character effects have been done before.

The addition of a Legendary trinket/ring/amulet means that certain ores and crafting materials will be rising in price.  Since trinkets, rings, and amulets are created through the profession of Jewelcrafting, it is highly likely that the recipe to create it will consist of Orichalcum and perhaps other gems/metals/lodestones.  In addition, there is the possibility that a Legendary trinkets/ring/amulet will require the gift of fortune and the gift of mastery just like Legendary weapons, so you guys should seriously be stocking up on T6 materials, Lodestones, and ectoplasm!  

More Challenging Content
With increasingly challenging content being brought into HoT, it is possible that certain runes and sigils may not be as overused as they currently are.  More people may try exploring other rune and sigil combinations on different armor sets.  Thus, certain low-priced superior runes and sigils are a good idea to stock up on just in case the future content will require different runes and sigils due to the increase in difficulty (you will have to do your own research on this one as I do not have a great enough understanding of runes and sigils to offer any useful advice).


Like all my articles, these are suggestions, speculation, and tips.  You should always do your own research before making a decision!  
If you have any questions or if I missed something important, comment in the comments section!

Alfa Q


You have Two Days to Buy an Alt


Hey everyone.  Alfa Q again.  In case you weren't aware, Arena Net has decided to slash the price of Guild Wars 2 by a whopping 75%!!!  That is only $10 for an account!  For the low price of $10, there are several ways that you can utilize an alt account to its potential to make gold faster.  Please note that this offer is from March 6-8 and it may take you a little bit of time to break even (can be done in a week if you are fast enough).  

Double the Dungeons
By buying an alt account, you can make approximately 40g every day just doing dungeon runs.  That is a total of 80g a day if you also run all the dungeons on your main!!!  Of course, in order to do all the dungeons, you must be level 80.  A few days in EOTM can get you to 80 easily with xp boosters (I have done it in about three days on several characters).

Double the World Boss Rewards
You can slay world bosses two times a day with an alt character.  A great way to obtain tons of ectoplasm (from rares) and more chances at exotic weapons from the world boss chests!

Double the Daily Log In Bonus
A full cycle will yield the following total rewards:
 Just from logging in daily, you can receive 55 laurels which can be converted to 165 T6 materials!  That's around 16g a month for just going onto your account and clicking on the daily chest!  In addition to receiving tons of T6 materials, you will also get many other neat items.  "Gem Store Items," for example can be rare harvesting nodes which sell for around 100g a piece! (the wiki says that harvesting nodes are not a drop item, but several Guildies have confirmed they do drop from the Black Lion Boxes you get from log in).

Faster Crafting

Time gated crafting items can be crafted twice using your main and alt accounts!  You no longer have to wait until reset to craft another Bolt of Damask or Plate of Meaty Plant Food for profit!  In addition to time gated crafting, an alt account is incredibly useful for time gated items from vendors (i.e. the Lucky Envelopes from the Lunar New Years Update).

Of course, these are just benefits to help you make more gold.  There are plenty of other benefits to buying an alt (especially for $10), but since this is a gold guide I won't go into detail on that.

Note that owning an alt account is not against the TOS of Arena Net.  Be aware that once you own the account, it is yours and no one else's.  Sharing an account is prohibited!

If I missed anything feel free to add it in the comments!  

Alfa Q

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